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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Entertainment Book $12 Sale Extended through today!

So the 12 hour sale is lasting longer than 12 hours and has been extended through today!  So you can get this for $12.  I have used mine plenty of times and just used in this weekend to get movie tickets for just $7.50 instead of $10!  There are a few options to make this deal even sweeter! 
First I was offered by email through Inbox Dollars $8 cash back.  This is an email offer only so if you are signed up to them check your paid emails to see if you got this offer as well.  If you are not signed up you can do so here right away to see if you get this email offer.  If you have never signed up for Inbox Dollars you get a $5 sign up bonus + $8 cash back in your account making this a money maker!
Another option is to go through Shop at Home.  They are offering $7 cash back.  If you haven't signed up yet for Shop at Home you can do so here and your out of pocket cost will be free!
Lastly you can get 750 points through mypoints if you are signed up to them. This is equivalent to $5.73 cash back but may be worth if it gets you to your  next free gift card through them.  If you aren't signed up for mypoints send me an email here with Mypoints in the title. 

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