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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

More on Coupon Organization

Hip2save just did a video on coupon organization and how to buy the materials to do the binder method.  Check out her blog below then go to the right side under "Follow me Monday" Coupon organization.

It is almost exactly the same system I use I just have a photo album (which I found the inserts were flimsy!).

Free Pizza due to the Lions win!

Dont forget!  Sheild's Restaurant is offering free pizza! It was a side note in another entry I posted but I thought I'd give it its own post!

Check out the details here:


Great Crockpot Recipe Website

As people who know me well know from about Late September to April I consider myself to be a crockpot queen!  It's the best way to keep all your nutrients in your veggies, it's usually quite easy, and works for my busy lifestyle.

I was looking for some websites to use some of the Quinoa I bought and came across this ones that has tons of recipes.  I'm looking forward to referencing it again.  Also sparkpeople has a great recipe section where you can calculate your own recipes and search for some.  If you are looking to eat more healthy and haven't signed up for that check the button on the side.


End of the Month Coupon Print Reminder

Coupons reset on the first of the month, some will be the same some will change.  So if there are any coupons you use very often be sure to print more between today and tomorrow before they are gone.  Click the coupons.com button on the side.

Monday, September 28, 2009

The Coupon Process

Check out this article about the coupon process as well as some interesting stats on coupon usage.


Vegetable and Ground Turkey Crockpot Lasagna

Vegtable & Turkey Crockpot Lasagna

24 oz of fat free or low fat cottage cheese
16 oz of fat free or part skim milk mozzarella cheese
Lasagna noodles
2 tsp of garlic salt
2 tsp of Italian Seasoning
1 Jar of Spaghetti Sauce
1 lb of Ground Turkey
1 14.5 oz can of Italian Style diced Tomatoes (oregano, basil, etc. variety)
Half of Zucchini
Half of Yellow Squash
1 14.5 oz can of Mushrooms
8 oz of fresh Spinach or 14.5 oz can drained and rinsed

Brown Ground Turkey according to directions.
Mix Cottage Cheese, ¾ package of mozzarella, Garlic salt and Italian seasoning in large bowl.
Mix all veggies thoroughly in another bowl.
Spray the crockpot with Pam or another cooking spray.
Scoop of few spoon fulls of Spaghetti sauce in the bottom (just enough to lightly cover it)
Layer ingredients like so:

3 or 4 Lasagna noodles (break of necessary to fit shape of crockpot, sauce, ground turkey, Veggie mixture, Cheese mixture, sauce. There should be enough for 3 layers.
Cook on low for 5 hours. Sprinkle remaining cheese on top and cook for an additional 30 minutes.

Restaurant.com 80% off Discount

Here is another discount for restaurant.com

Enter discount code: CHEFat checkout and hit apply to save an additional 80%! Offer valid from 9/28/09 at 5:00AM PST to 9/30/09 at 11:59PM PST.

Great time to stock up on more dinner certificates if you need them.  Don't forget to order through cashbaq to get an additional amount rebated back to you.  If you haven't signed up yet you get a $5 bonus for signing.  Check the button on the side.

Coupon Match ups are up!

Check out Macomb Money Savers for this week's match ups.  Meijer's, Kroger's and Target are up.  Deals are pretty light this week, but I've had two heavy shopping weeks and I'm looking forward to the break!


Also she posted that tomorrow from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. Sheild's pizza is giving away free pizza due to the Detroit Lions win!

Check out the full story and locations here:


Friday, September 25, 2009

Couponing 101 on About.com

Several great articles listed here:


Going from Coupon Klutz to Coupon Queen

Great article that made me laugh because 6 months ago I was definitely a Klutz!

She mentions some great tips for maximizing like shopping at stores that double coupons.  Here in Oakland County VGs, Meijer's and Kroger's doubles coupons up to $.50 everyday.

Also making sure you shop with coupons and a sale and check against the generic brand to make sure it is a true deal.  Check out the rest here:


The Hidden Costs of Clipping Coupons

Great article.  There's some psychological things you need to keep in check to be sure that you are saving from clipping coupons.  Some people take the savings and then splurge which overall negates the savings and costs you more in the long wrong.

Check out this article for more information:


Be sure to keep a budget and set a limit.  One easy way I do it is tell myself I'm not purchasing any items that aren't $.50 (or a dollar depending on my weekly budget.)  This simple rule keeps me in check easily.  I shop at 3 to 4 stores so it is rare that I am buying more than 10 - 15 items.  If I get 15 items for $1.00 or less that keeps me in a reasonable range of $45 - $60 or less if it is one of my lower spending weeks and I am going for $.50.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Awesome Giveaway! $100, Coupons & Coupon Coach for a day!

Now this is a great giveaway.  Definitely check out this blog, sign up to be a follower and post that you have to win!


Eden Foods On-line Coupon code

For you Organic lovers out there Eden Foods has a 20% off on-line orders coupon code just type AUG2009.  I love Quinoa but it is so expensive! I was looking for coupons but couldn't seem to find any.  It is still expensive with shipping but at least I got 20% off and it will be shipped to my door.  I got red and regular organic Quinoa so I will be stocked up on it now!


Sunday Coupon Review is up

As always view with caution as these are not in our metro Detroit area and some coupons my differ.


Dietary Guidelines for Americans

Great references including Weight Mangagment, Physical Activity and Eating Pattern Guides!


Five Money Saving Secrets Grocery Stores don't want you to know

Check out this great article!


Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Restaurant.com Deal

If you didn't stock up on the 90% off deal there is a 70% off one this week.

Enter discount code: TREAT at checkout and hit apply to save an additional 70%! Offer valid from 9/22/09 at 5:00AM PST to 9/27/09 at 11:59PM PST

Be sure to go through cashbaq (click button on the sidebar) to get an additional 20% off.

Magazine Deal

Magazines now has Taste of Home subscriptions 80% off.

Go through cashbaq (check the button on the side) and get an additonal 10% off.

Coupon Lingo

Here is an extensive FAQ as well as coupon lingo abbreviations spelled out.


E Coupons that load to your frequent shopper card

Here is a great article on them and how they can be used and why.


Southern Savers is a great resource of information.  Be sure to take time to read all of her getting started guides especially the extreme couponing 101 articles.

These coupons are available at Upromise (check the button on the side and be sure to check out the details as it works a little different than the others.


So what is it exactly that I do?

After posting a couple results you may wonder what exactly it is that I do?  Well first off I have been doing this for about 5 months now and your savings go up the longer you do it since your stockpile allows you to spend only on things that are truly on sale.  Before your stockpile you will need to use a combination of buying sales items and shopping at everyday low price stores (Aldi's, Sav-a-Lot, Wal-Mart, Dollar Stores, etc).  But up until then you can still save 30-50% and have more groceries than you had before.  After about 3 or 4 months you can start saving 50-60% regularly and on good weeks even more. 
Either way right now I am doing the same as when I started out.  I am still a newbie couponer (you're not really an expert until you have gone through a whole year, thus completely a full year cycle and/or do your own match ups.)  I am still in what is called "copycat" mode, so you can start doing what I'm doing today!

First if you haven't already subscribe to the newspaper.  This will be your regular base for coupons.  On Sunday morning when the newspaper arrives I start clipping coupons.  How long does it take?  It depends.  It takes about 10 minutes to cut an organize per insert.  So really the insert size and partially myself determine how long it will take.  If there are 2 or 3 inserts piece of cake only 30 minute time investment.  But if there are 5 inserts and I want to take advantage of it and buy two extra papers making it now 15 inserts, well then that's tons of time.  According to the calculation above realisticly it could take me 2 1/2 hours to get through big stack.  I know right now you are thinking I don't have time for that! Well neither do I really, I work 40 hours a week, have a 50 minute commute to work Sept - May spend another 20 hours a week in volunteer service, do all the cleaning, grocery shopping, washing of clothes so on and so on.  So I clip coupons while doing other things.  We usually rent a movie once or twice a week.  I'll clip coupons during that.  Ta da 2 hours right there and I don't feel like I'm sitting just doing that.  Also part of my 50 minute commute to work is a 30 minute bus ride (each way).  Before I would nap or read a book.  Now if I need to I'll clip coupons.  I can knock out 2 - 2 1/2 inserts.  So be creative and come up with ways to fit it in.  I don't shop until Friday so I have to get it done by Friday not all in the same day.

 I cut all my coupons.  The ones I cannot use (dog food, diapers) I send to ecoupons.  (Check the link on the side to sign up.)  It is a coupon trading site, that later I grab coupons I need from them.

Next I check for the store match-ups.  As you guys already know I use http://www.macombmoneysavers.com/
Actually Saturday usually Meijer's is up so I grab that one if I have time on Saturday.  Usually by Sunday Target is up, Monday morning Kroger and sometime Monday VGs.  I don't always go to all of them but I do check out the match-ups.  I cut and paste the whole list on to word.  I delete the ones I know I don't want.  I keep everything I do want without checking yet about coupons.  I shop at both Meijer's and Kroger's weekly, most of the time VGs as well, Target maybe once a month.  I also shop at Aldi's (which there are also price list for, not match ups since they do not have coupons.)  Like this week Aldi's will have their Salad at a rockbottom price of $.49 so I'll be going there.  Then I go back to the match ups and print off all the printable coupons.

Next I go to ecoupons and see if any of the other coupons are available and order them from there.  They have been pretty sparse lately and you can order 25 at a time so I also stock up on coupons I like such as my yogurt coupons etc. 

After I make sure all the current electronic coupons are loaded on to my card Kroger's shopping card. (I'll post later a reference to those.) (Be sure you have a Kroger's shopping card it is necessary to get their sales prices.  If you don't have one request one at the service desk.)

I also will search on a search engine for that particular products coupons. You never know when there are printable coupons on the official website or some where else.  (Be sure to search using Swagbucks to gain points and prices for your searches, click on the button on the lefthand side.)

I then look in my own stash for the rest of the coupons.  If I have an older printable coupon from the Internet I will use that instead and file the other one.  If there are items I may have wanted but don't have a coupon for, it comes off the list I will have to do without.  If it is a need I will buy generic in the store (if cheaper) or defer to a everyday low-price store for the item.

Then some time before I go to the store I put the list and the coupons in an envelope I've marked for that store.  I also try to put the coupons in the order of the layout of the store.  Then Friday I go shopping!

I also check http://www.macombmoneysavers.com/ daily for other deals.

I check http://www.hip2save.blogspot.com/ 3 or 4 times a day for free samples and deals. 

And that's about it!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Grocery Store Roll Call 09/19/09

Well I haven't had time to do the full post so here is the summary. It was a good week!

Spent: $33.06
Savings: $83.19
Precentage saved:75%

Spent: $12.48
Savings: $39.35
Precentage saved:  76%
(Also received a $5 gift card)

Spent: $18.77
Savings: 40.69
Precentage saved: 68%
(Also received a coupon for $2 off next order)

Spent: $47.77
Savings: $133.74 (Got 75% off a grill a manager had to come approve my purchase apparently the computer thought I was saving too much!)
Precentage saved: 64%

Total: $409.05 worth of groceries for $112.08
Total precentage saved: 72.5%! (I think that is a new record for me!)

When to Buy Part 2

After you know when to buy in general based on the yearly or monthly sales cycle you also need to know the rock bottom price of each item.  If you buy at the rock bottom price with a coupon you should be able to save over 50% in most cases.  So what is the rock-bottom price or how do you find it? In general as stated in my first post it is 30-50% off and only comes around every 12 to 24 weeks. 
To get more specific you can start to generate a price list book of your own.  Recording all the prices until you come up with the rock-bottom price for the items you buy frequently.

Here's some advice on how to do it:


I honestly have never tried to generate one of these.  The 30-50% rule works for me.  Most stores advertise what you are saving.  The ones that don't all you have to do is look at the price tag on the product and compare it. 

What I have referenced is a great price list generated by the Southern Savers website.  I took it and highlighted the ones that I've seen here in MI then crossed out some and wrote the lower or higher price here in MI.  It was a great guide for me and worked good enough.

Check out the article and the link to her "Buy price" shopping list.  You will notice there are several items that are free! That is you should never have to pay for them if you shop at the lowest price and use a coupon.


How to Organize Coupons

Once you get your coupons you have to find a way to organize them.  There are a few different ways to do it.

One method that is the easiest is to not clip just file them and mark them with the name and date.  On the righthand corner you will usually see the name of the coupons insert such as RedPlum, General Mills, Smartsource etc.  When you look at coupon match ups they will tell you where a coupon can be found (ex. 08/16 RP which means the insert that appeared in the August 16th magazine titled Red Plum.  Then you can just find your insert for that week, take it out and clip it at that time.

Another method is various envelopes marked by categories such as dairy, health & beauty.

A similar method is an accordian binder which is what I started using. 

The last and most involved method is a coupon binder.  Check out a tutorial on it here:

I am slowing converting to a version of this but I bought a photo album really cheap.  It is time consuming to convert and some times to maintain but I can now find coupons in a snap.  With my accordian some of the catergories were too broad and things were getting lost in the shuffle.  Because this is so time-consuming when I have lots of inserts I will file them quickly into the accordian file first.  Then when I am watching a movie or something I'll take out the broad categories and file them by the other method.  It works because even if I can't get to them all in that week, when I see a match up and I know that the coupon just appeared that it will be in my accordian and there aren't that many coupons in there only having one or two weeks stored there.  The months that I did have filed in there made it eventually hard to find certain things when the categories were too broad (and I only had so many slots so there was nothing really I could do.)

I do have individual envelopes for my stores.  Especially since I shop at Meijer's and Target and they have store coupons.  I keep the store coupons and the coupons for that shopping trip in the envelope.  Then  I can still bring my coupon book in the store to catch any clearance items and unadvertised deals.  So it works out.

Shape up secrets from Top Fitness Couches

Great work-out tips!


The Biggest Losers of Debt

Check out this great article on reducing debt!


Macomb Money Savers Match ups are now up

Check out the match-ups for Target, VGs, Meijer's and Krogers.  And if you are on the border there a few other good stores to look at. 

And the website has now changed.

Check out http://www.macombmoneysavers.com/

Monday, September 21, 2009

More Printable Coupons

Another site to keep on hand and check periodically for coupons.


When to Buy

Great article on knowing the yearly sales cycle and knowing when to buy.  This information is vital if you haven't had time yet to clip coupons and/or just don't have the space to stockpile.


I just got a great deal on a grill for 75% off taking advantage of this type of sales cycle.

Here's another great article that I love with links to the monthly sales cycles as well:


Thursday, September 17, 2009

Sunday Coupon Review is up

The Sunday Coupon review is up.  This is for the Pittsburgh area and may not be the exact same for us, but it gives us an idea of what to expect.  There is just 1 Smartsource and 1 RedPlum insert.


Oakland County Stores

There are a couple of Oakland County stores that many people probably frequent and I hope to eventually start to do some match ups with them.

For now though here are their websites to check out their weekly ads for yourself.


Front page of my area store seems to have some pretty good deals!  There is also a $100 gift card giveaway for signing up for their weekly ad via email.

Here is another store:


They have a $5 off a $50-$74.99 purchase and $10 off $75 or more!  Their front page looks pretty good as well and they have Lean Cuisine on sale. 

Great Site for Organic

This site does a great Whole Foods Match up and has the most extensive list of where to gather organic coupons I've ever seen.

So spend some time there!


New Hot Printable coupons

There are a few links here that you may not yet have coupons for, I'm excited about the Pepsi coupons my husband drinks diet Pepsi like water!


Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Crockpot Tender Marinated Pork Loin

This was adapted from everything mom's bargain of the week.  She tries to post a bargain meal based on what is on sale for match ups.  http://everythingmoms.blogspot.com/2009/09/kroger-bargain-recipe-of-week-tender.html
This is last week's recipe and I had most everything on hand.  I had pork loin so I used that instead and it came out great!

2 1/2 - 3 lbs of lean pork loin
1 (8 ounce) can of tomato sauce
3/4 cup Light soy sauce
1/2 cup sugar/brown sugar/sugar substitute
1 Tablespoon spicy brown mustard

Place pork in crockpot
Mix all other ingredients together then pour over pork
Cook 8 to 9 hours or until tender

I served it with 1/2 a cup of Quinoa the first and instant mashed potatoes on the side which I had on hand.  I am eating the leftovers as my lunch this week with brown rice that I also had on hand.

Periodically I will try to post budget-friendly and health-friendly recipes that I have tried and like.

Where to find Coupons

First and foremost Sunday newspaper.  Even if you don't read it (which I don't) find the best deal (there are usually discounts for new customers) and subscribe to at least one.  And when there are big coupon inserts buy one (or more depending on your family size) extras.  Some people subscribe to the local paper (like Oakland Press) and the one with wider distrubution (Detroit News).  If you chose just one chose the one with the wider distribution as it will have more coupons in general.

Printable coupons - there are many many sites with printable coupons, one is in my side bar so be sure to check weekly and look for updates.

Blinkies, Tear Pads, hang tags, & Peelies - Bonus coupons you can't count on but are great when they are there.  Coupons that are on the package or near the item on the shelf. 

Manufacturer websites - Another great way especially for organic, natural and hard to get coupons.  Go to the product's manufacturer website, subscribe to their "club" and look for printable coupons there.  As mentioned on the post about freebies consider sending these to a email designated exclusively for deals so as not to clog up your personal email address.  Sometimes you can also subscribe to get coupons through the mail.

A note: Almost all printable coupons have a limit of two per IP address.  Be sure to hit your back button (refresh if necessary) and print the limit of two.  It is illegal to photocopy coupons.

Behind the Counter Coupons - Some stores like Walgreens, Joann's, Meijer's and others have their in-store small magazines with in-store coupons.  So look for them or ask the service desk if they are available.

All You Magazine - Tons of coupons in this magazine.  Available only at Wal-Mart or by subscription I subscribe to this and it is well worth it.  Other magazines that you already purchase or subscribe to probably have a coupon or two in them as well so be on the look out. 

Inside packaging - My fruit cups I buy frequently have coupons inside, also my contact solution and so do other products so check before you toss them.
Trading Coupons - start a group with your friends or look for on-line (free!) trading sites.  For instance I have no pets or children so I clip all coupons send them to a trading site then order ones I do use.

A few select stores such as Kroger now have completely electronic coupons that download to your customer loyalty card.  Many of these companies can be found on the Kroger website with instructions as to how to use them.

Another special note as that there are two types of printed coupons store coupons and manufacuturer coupons.  Store coupons are specific to that store (Walgreens, Target, Meijers) and Manufacturer coupons can be used any where.  Most stores allow you to use a store coupon AND a manufacturer coupon (commonly called stacking) to give you even more savings.  Check the service desk or the coupon policy of each store to verify.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Check out Macomb Money Savers today!

Check out http://macombmoneysavers.blogspot.com/ her match ups are up for Meijer's, Aldi's,  Target and Kroger's all very useful for us here in Oakland County.  And hopefully VGs will be up later today.  Then I will be all set to make my shopping list!

Buy things you don't need

This is a new concept and hard to get used to but it is part of building a stockpile which I mentioned is one of the three keys to saving big.  I ran out to use some coupons on cleaning products on Sunday to not lose out on soon to expire coupons.  Then some of those coupons were on-line and I bougt a lot of those same cleaning products again on Friday! I certainly didn't need them and I actually spent a lot of money on things I didn't need. But these products were free - $.50 and I have a great stockpile of every cleaning product now.  I won't have to buy any again until they are at that rock bottom price.  And that is how you really start to hit your bottom line.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Claritin Liquigel deal at CVS

I haven't really got experienced enough to get into the "Pharmacy game" as much.  It is steeped in using rebates which sometimes I'm not good at.  However there is a great deal on Claritin that I buy regularly.  Normally priced at $25.99 it is on sale for $6.00 off, $19.99 AND $2.00 Extracare bucks that can be used on your next purchase on anything making it $17.99.  And to top it off in today's paper there is a $6.00 off that expires in just a week 09/20/2009.  So final out of pocket costs is $11.99 on a product that normally costs $25.99 over 50% savings!

Friday, September 11, 2009

Getting things for free

A great way to generate cash flow is to get all you can for free! Whatever you can get for free, gives you more money to spend on other things.  There are lots of things you can get for free through couponing, but there are also always free sample deals available and other freebies.

One of my favorite bloggers Hip2save is daily posting free sample offers.  I check her site several times a day.  So check her out Hip 2 Save
All around the blogosphere you will find plenty of bloggers with information on freebies.
Another one I like a lot is the affluent pauper.
Affluent Pauper

She has a great and extensive freebie list that she updates weekly and marks the new ones in red.  I spent about a week everyday applying to tons of things and now I check it out every other week or so for new ones.  It is fun to get free stuff in the mail on average three times a week!

Keep in mind you will usually have to fill out a form and give out your email address and sometimes this will create junk mail.  So think about setting up a separate email account for your freebies and deals that you can check just once in a while and clean out.  That way you won't clog up your personal email account.

Restaurant.com deal $25 gift certificates for $1

Hurry to catch this deal!  It is through 09/13/2009 3:01 AM PST You can get 90% off any purchase by using the code NINETY which gives you a $25 gift certificate (usually $10) for just $1.

Also check out the restaurant of the month deal:


Usually $120 you can get this for $12 and it comes with a free $50 certificate. 
To sweeten the deal even more go through cashbaq (check the button on the right side) to get an additoinal 20% off.  I got the restaurant of the month deal and after my cash back into my account after using cashbaq my total price for 13 certificates is $9.60!  Wow!

If you don't know about restaurant.com it is like getting a coupon discount to a restaurant.  Most $25 gift certifcates can only be used on a purchase of $35 or more, but it still makes for a great discount especially if you have gotten it for only a dollar.  There are lots of great restaurants in our area including Pi my favorite International restaurant, every location of Tokyo Sushi and Rangoli one of our favorite Indian restaurants.  So definitely stock up if you go out to eat.  This is the first time the have done 90% off and usually only do 80% off which I always stock up then as these are good for up to a year.  But this was a great time to go for the restaurant of the month club.

Best Deals Around Town Posted by Macomb Money Savers

Check out this link to stock up on the best deals around town.


Monday, September 7, 2009

Meijer's #2 Grocery Store Roll Call

Macomb Money Savers posted some great deals that had to be acted on right away so I made a second trip to Meijer's:
(3) $1.23 Lysol All Purpose Cleaner, 40 oz pourable or 32 oz trigger (1/2 Price - reg $2.46)
-$0.50/1 coupon (from 7-12 SS, expires 9-8)
-$1.00/4 Meijer Mealbox printable coupon (Lysol Cling, All Purpose or Bathroom) Mix and match Lysol items to use this coupon & save more!
FREE after coupons

(3)$1.19 Lysol Toilet Bowl Cleaner, 24 oz (1/2 Price - reg $2.39)
-$0.40/1 coupon (from 8-9 SS, expires 9-9)
-$1.00/4 Meijer Mealbox printable coupon (Lysol Cling, All Purpose or Bathroom) Mix and match Lysol items to use this coupon & save more!
$0.14 each after coupons

(1)$1.47 Lysol Bathroom Cleaner, 32 oz trigger (1/2 Price - reg $2.94)
-$0.40/1 coupon (from 8-9 SS, expires 9-9)
-$1.00/4 Meijer Mealbox printable coupon (Lysol Cling, All Purpose or Bathroom) Mix and match Lysol items to use this coupon & save more!
$0.42 each after coupons

(1)$1.26 Lysol Kitchen Cleaner, 22 oz trigger (1/2 Price - reg $2.51)
-$0.50/1 coupon (from 7-12 SS, expires 9-7) or $0.40/1 (from 8-9 SS, expires 9-9)
$0.26-$0.46 after coupon*

$.44/lb 1.14 lbs Bananas
$1.89 Meijer Turkey Bacon
$1.74 Deco Bulb (Clearance 50% off)
$3.36 Off Skintastic Active (reg. $4.49)
-$0.55/1 Coupon
Total spent: $10.29
Total saved: $23.63
Precentage saved: 69%

Grocery Store Roll Call 09/06/09



$1.00 Kool-Aid Singles, 10-12 ct
$1.00/1 Meijer Mealbox printable coupon

FREE after coupon + $2 moneymaker when you buy 3 with 3 coupons!
$2.00 checkout coupon good on your next order.
(4) $1.00 SoBe Life Water, 20 oz
-B1G1 SoBe printable coupon (print 2 per computer), will deduct $1.00
-$1.00/3 Meijer Mealbox printable coupon
$0.50 each when you buy 3 with coupons
(1) $1.67 Taco Bell Thick 'n Chunky Salsa 16 oz,
(1) $1.67 Taco Bell Dinner Kits
-$1.00/2 Meijer Mealbox printable coupon
$.59 each when you buy 2 with coupon
.$1.00/1 Taco Bell Dinner Kit coupon (from Sept All You magazine, available at Walmart

(3) $1.48-1.69 Lean Cuisine Entrees, excluding One Dish Favorites (1/2 price, reg $2.84-3.39)
-$2.00/3 coupon (from September All You magazine, available at WalMart)

B2G1 Eggo Waffles, 8-10 ct, reg $2.79 (Pancakes or French Toaster Sticks also on sale)

-$1.00/2 Eggo coupon (from 8-2 Keebler/RP)

$1.52 each when you buy 3 with coupon

(1) 20% OFF Glad Waste Bags or Food Storage Containers (price will vary; reg $3.19-9.99)
-$1.00/2 Meijer Mealbox printable coupon (did not use coupon)
$2.05-7.49 each when you buy 2 with coupon


$2.00 Dannon Danimals Yogurt, 4 pk cups or drinks (price drop, may vary by location)
-$1.00/1 Meijer Mealbox printable coupon
-$1.00/1 Dannon coupon (from 7-26, 8-9 or 8-30 SS)

FREE after coupons

(2) $2.00 Dannon Activia or DanActive, 4 ct
-$1.00/1 coupon (from 7-26, 8-9 or 8-30 SS)
$1.00 after coupon

(10) $1.00 Del Monte Fruit Naturals Cups, 8 oz, all varieties

-$1.00/2 coupon (from 7-12 RP)
$0.50 each when you buy 2 with coupon

$1.67 Dole Salad Blends, 5-12 oz assorted varieties
-$1.00/2 Meijer Mealbox printable coupon
$1.17 each after coupon

Total Spent: $27.97
Total Saved: $51.18
Savings of 65%

25% OFF Barilla Pasta, full line sale
(2) $1.19

-$0.50/2 coupon (from 8-23 SS)

Dole Mixed Fruit cups $2.00
(1) Fruit in Sugar free gel
-$1.00 (Smartsource printable)
(2) Apple Fruit Parfaits
$.75/2 (Catalina or inside package)

$2.50 (1) Edy's Ice Cream (1.5 quart)
(2) Haagen-Dazs Ice Cream (14-16 oz.)
(1) Eskimo Pies (6 ct.)

*BUY 4 in one transaction, get $4 off checkout coupon good on your next order (through Sept 5)*

Saved about 50% (My receipt ripped in the machine!)

(2) $1.00 Hefty One Zip Storage Bags, 12-22 ct

-$1.00/1 printable coupon (print 2 per computer)
FREE after coupon

(2) $1.00 Dial Liquid Hand Soap
-$0.35/1 coupon (from 8-16 SS)
$0.30 after coupon

$1.00 Annie's Organic Macaroni & Cheese, 6 oz

Food Should Taste Good Organic Chips $2.00
- $1.00 off coupon each month when you subscribe to their news letter on-line


$1.00 Kroger Cottage Cheese 16 oz


Healthy Choice Entree $2.12
$1.00/2 eat better America website or All you magazine

Spent: $7.04
Saved: $15.54
Savings: 68%

(Almost all match ups done with the aid of Macomb Money Savers so check her out!)
Let me know how you did!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Last Chance to use those summer coupons

Great article just posted on the grocery coupon guide about how to make good use of stockpiling and sales cycles. Check it out at:

There are tons of great articles about the basics on this website so spend some time there when you get a chance.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Other ways to lower expenses

Most that start on this frugal journery start with just coupons but also start looking for ways to increase their cashflow. There are many ways to save or even earn a little bit through various programs on-line. Check out the Cashbaq button on the right hand side. Cashbaq pays you cash back on on-line purchases, alerts you to on-line deals (including coupon codes and free shipping alerts) and much more.

Swagbucks awards you points just for searching on-line through them and those can be redeemed for many prizes including paypal payments or check cards. So check them both out.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Staying healthy while on a budget

One big challenge seems to be how to stay heathy while on a budget. The most important thing to do is really to watch what you eat. Also be sure to take sufficient vitamins and supplements for your needs. Check out the healthy products on the side.
If you are not currently a member sign up for Sparkpeople. It is free and you can track your calories, exercise and set goals. They also have tons of recipes and articles about eating healthy on a budget.

Victoria Secret deals

Check out http://hip2save.blogspot.com/ one of my favorite bloggers for some great victoria secret deals.

Here is what I was able to score:

3 Pink Body products on sale 3/$15 (Full price $32)
2 Pink With a Splash Perfumes 2/$20 (Full price $27)
FREE Lace Panty ($9.50 value)
FREE Beauty Travel Kit ($25 value)
1 Victoria Secret Lip Balm $7
Free Victoria Secret Lip Gloss ($7 value)
Total $43.92
Coupon for signing up for Pink Nation $10 off $35 purchase
Total spent: $33.92

I also happened to have a gift card worth $30 so paid $3.92 out of pocket!
Definitely check out Hip2save to see how you can get the same kind of deal, some offers end this week.

Use Coupons all the time!

There are only three basic things to remember to be successful in Grocery Shopping from all that I have researched and read:

#1 Only Shop true Sales. A true sale is 30-50% off the normal average price. It isn't automatically what is advertised or sitting on an end cap. A true sale comes only once every 12 weeks.

#2 Use coupons on things you need when they are on sale. If you use coupons only you probably won't save that much and would probably due better buying from Aldi's, a dollar store, or buying generic. But if you use coupons on a sale, then you can score some good savings.

#3 Learn to stock pile. Since a true sale comes only every 12 weeks, buy enough at that lowest price to last until the next one comes around. When you only by everything at its lowest price you really start to hit your bottom line.


Welcome to Staying Lean in Oakland County! Here we will discuss ways to stay lean and healthy physically, emotionally, and financially. There will be two main parts deals and money making tips and the second part health and exercising tips.