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Thursday, December 31, 2009

End of the Month Coupon Print Reminder

Go to coupons.com there are tons of new Loreal coupons and now a $1/2 Nestle pure life coupon.  One of my favorie waters and I can always get good deals at a store that doubles coupons up to $2.

Day 6 of the Sharp Scissors Lady Giveaway!

Today is the last day of the giveaway and today is a Target gift card!  Go here to see the many ways you can enter!

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Check out Hip 2 Save!

Go check out Hip 2 Save today she has posted a lot of clearance deals that are selling out fast.  Her site is all new as she suffered the same fate I did with getting her blog deleted.

Restaurant.com 80% off order plus free $10 Gift Certificate

Pretty good deal and it ends Thursday at midnight December 31st.  Sorry I'm late on this but I am with everything this week since I just got my blog restored this morning!

Enter Discount Code: Cheer at check out and hit Apply

Go here

Please search for my previous restraurant.com for an explanation on how it works.  (Sorry since I have so much to catch up on I'm keeping most posts short and sweet for a while.)

VGs Double Deals Wk 12/25/2009

Aunt Jemima , Original French Toast (12.5 oz.), Buttermilk Pancakes (13.75 oz.) or Cinnamon French Toast Sticks (12.5 oz.), of Equal or Lesser Value, Save up to 2.39 on FREE pkg.  B1G1 (Not sure if $1/2 coupon will from coupons.com will work but will try!)

Stacy's Pita or Bagel Chips 2/$5.00 or $2.50 each
$1.00/1 - 11/15 SS Final Cost $.50

Snack Factory Preztel Chips Price 2/$5.00 or $2.50 each
$1.00/1 Go here Final cost $.50

Celestial Seasonings Tea , 20-24 oz. Price $2.79
$1.00/2 12/06 SS Final Cost $1.79 each when you buy 2

Garden of Eatin' Corn Chips , 9 oz. $3.29
$1.00/1 Go here Final cost $1.29

Keebler Town House Crackers , (13-16 oz.), Bistro (12 oz.), Toppers (13.5 oz.) or FlipSides (11.7 oz.); or Cheez-It Crackers (11.5-13.7 oz.) 2/$5.00 or $2.50
Various coupons available on Coupons.com

Hunt's Tomatoes , (14.5-28 oz.), Paste (6-12 oz.) or Sauce (8-29 oz.); or Ro-Tel Diced Tomatoes (10 oz.) 25% off full line
$1/3 Hunts here when you play the recession payback game or $1/4 from All You Magazine Final cost will vary

Saving in the "D" Blog

Here is another great metro Detroit blog.  She started out skeptical to the whole couponing/smart saving process and is now tracking her progress.  If you'd like to see then go to Saving in the "D"

Grocery Store Roll Call Week Ending 12/25/2009

Aldi's 3 Cans of Chicken $5.07 (We will assume this is a savings of 50% as of before.)

Total Spent: $5.07
Total Saved: $5.07
Percentage Saved: 50%

CVS #1
6 Items
Total Spent $10.51 off free gift card
Saved $30.20
100% free Due to gift card total saved $40.71 (and received $15 in extracare bucks!)
Total Spent: 0
Total Saved: $40.71
Percentage Saved: 100%

Number of Items: 31 (Including $8.00 rocksalt!)
Total Spent: $19.44
Total Saved: $39.80
Percentage saved: 67.2%

CVS #2
1 Aleril Sleeping pills $1.99
1 Oral-B Toothbrush $2.99
5 Thermacare 1 Ct $2.49 each

1 $5 off any purchase of $15 or more at CVS coupon
5 $1/1 Any thermacare item
$6.00 in Exracarebucks
Total Spent off free gift card$2.18
Total Saved: $16.50
(However still using FREE gift card so reality saved 100%) Woo hoo!
And received $16.44 in ECBs only spending 6! I'm up to like close to 25 ECBs to roll now.
Total spent: 0
Total Saved: $18.68
Percentage Saved: 100%

Grand Total Spent: $24.51
Grand Total Saved: $104.26
Percentage Saved: 81.96%

Check out the Sunday Coupon Preview

Go here Sunday Coupon Preview There you will be able to find the 2010 Coupon Insert Schedule on their toolbar. Be ready this Sunday there should be 5 inserts.  I plan to get two extra papers which I haven't done in a while.

Check out Coupon Crazy Chrys today!

She has great match ups on the pharmacies and there are some really good deals this week.  She also has a giveaway right now!

Go to Coupon Crazy Chrys

Check out Sharpen Your Scissors Today

She is a great coupon veteran and has a class starting up in Milford.  Also she has some great giveaways that she has been doing since the 26th.  So sorry I couldn't have alerted you earlier but go now!

Go to The Sharp Scissors Lady

Check out Macomb Money Savers today!

She has a great article up on building your coupon stash plus all of her coupon match-ups are up! Check them out since many coupons expire tomorrow!
Go to Macomb Money Savers

New Redbox codes

ACME25 has been working for a while now I have been able to use it with every debit/credit card.

Also if you have a redbox at a Walgreens near you, you can also try DVDATWAG. The only one I know of thus far is the Highland Walgreens on M59. Let me know if you know of any others.

I'm back!!!!

Yeah after 15 days of my blog being deleted today it has finally been restored!  Good thing I have tomorrow off I have a lot of updates to do!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

New Redbox codes

GANTS9 did not work for me last night at the Kroger in Waterford MI.  And looks like on Inside Redbox a lot are having trouble with that code. 

However be sure to check your email as you were sent a one time use code just for verifying your email.  Both my husband and I got this email. Also Inside Redbox posted two newer codes to try: 



I will try them out at let you know!

Also if you have a redbox at a Walgreens near you, you can also try DVDATWAG.  The only one I know of thus far is the Highland Walgreens on M59.  Let me know if you know of any others.

Check all locations here

VGs Double Deals

Macomb Money Savers does a great job with her match ups but here a few more if you can get to a VGs that doubles up to $1.  Not a whole lot of great deals but if you are planning to go there anyway you may save by avoiding a trip to another store if there are some things you need.

Sargento Shredded Cheese 3/$6 or $2 each
$0.55/1 Sargento Shredded Cheese (various issues of All You Magazine) Final cost $.90

Red Baron Pizza , 12" (18.15-22.63 oz.), Fire Baked Crust (19.86-21.33 oz.), French Bread (8.8-11 oz.) or Deep Dish Singles (10.88-11.7 oz.), of Equal or Lesser Value Save up to 5.69 on FREE Pkg. B1G1 $.55/1 found here (smartsource coupon will print immediately after clicking print 2 if able.)

Also $1.00/2 Fire Baked Crust or Thin Crust (10/11 SS)
$1.00/1 Red Baron Fire Baked single serve Pizzas (10/11 or 12/06 SS)
Prices will vary

Household Goods
Duracell Batteries , AA or AAA (4 pk.), 9 Volt (1 pk.) or C or D (2 pk.) $2.99

$0.75/1 Duracell Copper Top (11/22 SS) Final Cost $1.49

Angel Soft Double Roll Bath Tissue $2.99

$1.00/1 Angel Soft toilet paper, 6-double roll or larger (9/13 RP or 12/06) RP Final Cost $.99

Filippo Berio Olive Oil , Pure, Extra Virgin or Extra Light, 16.9 oz. $4.99 $1/1 Coupon here for registering.  Final price $2.99.  (Good price to me on Olive Oil!)

Maxwell House Coffee , 10.5-11.5 oz. (excludes decaf & colombian) $4.29 B1G1
$1.00/2 (previously available on coupons.com) Final Cost $3.29 for 2!

Planters Nuts, Not all varieties available in some locations. , Regular or Lightly Salted: Cashew Halves & Pieces (9.25 oz.) or Mixed (11.5 oz.), Pecan or Pistachio Lover's (5.5-6 oz.) or Honey Roasted Peanuts & Cashews (10 oz.) 2/$7.00 or $3.50 each
$1/1 Planters nuts (I have one but when I looked in the full cup database I couldn't find a reference for it! If anyone knows where it came from please let me know and I'll update!) Final cost $2.50

Del Monte Vegetables, Diced or Sliced Potatoes, Mixed Vegetables , Whole Leaf Spinach or Sliced Carrots; or Regular or No Salt: Summer Crisp Corn, Cut Green Beans, French Cut Green Beans, Cream Style Corn, Whole Kernel Corn or Peas $.69
$1/4 here Final cost $.19 each

Del Monte Canned Fruit , Pears, Peaches or Fruit Cocktail, 14.25-15.25 oz 3/$4 or $1.33 each
$1/4 here Final cost $.83 each

McCormick Spices 25% off
$1.00/2 McCormick Spice or Extract, any 2 (11/02 RP)
$1.00/1 McCormick seasoning blend, spice or herb (12/06 RP)
Final costs will vary

Campbell's Canned Gravy 10.25-10.5 oz $1.39 B1G1
$1.00/4 Campbell's Gravies (10/11 SS)
Final Cost $.78/4 or less than $.20 each!

French's French Fried Onions $2.99
$0.75/1 French's French fried onions (12/13 SS or various editions of All You magazine) Final Cost $1.50

Health & Beauty
Gillette or Satin Care Shave Gel , (7 oz.) or Gillette Shave Foam (9 oz.) (excludes fusion gels) 2/$4.00 or $2.00 each
$1.00/1 Gillette Shave Prep (11/29 P&G) (if included in sale) Final cost free!

Jimmy Dean Roll Sausage, Links or Patties , Assorted Varieties, 9.6-16 oz  2/$5.00 or $2.50
$1.00/1 Jimmy Dean Fully Cooked Sausage (if included in sale) (Also various coupons in packages if you have bought these before) Final cost $.50!

VGs of Waterford is also offering various gas discount deals now that they have completed their gas station.  This week's ad advertised $.05 off per gallon for every $50 you spend in groceries. 

Free/Money Maker Nivea starting 12/20 at CVS

If you work the CVS deals here is a good one for next week.  On 12/20 and after CVS will have the Nivea Body Wash for $5.99 and you will get a $5 ECB. There is a coupon for $2 off on coupons.com so click the button to the right side to find it now so you don't miss out.  Thanks Who Said nothing in life is free?

Also Hip 2 save has some great match-ups for all the pharmacies.  Keep in mind though we in MI do not get the same ads we have a shorter ad for Walgreens.  So be sure to cross check with Coupon Crazy Chrys who is local.

Getting coupons in the mail

I have mentioned it before but Coupoing to Disney has a great campaign where she suggests 5 companies to email a day in order to get coupons in the mail.  Check it out 5 a day program.  Now obviously these have to be companies that you have tried, you want to be honest and let them know about a product you like or dislike.  She has some examples of emails she has written both compliments and complaints.  She never outright asks for coupons.  I personally do, so you can decide what method works best for you.  Many times when you do this you can expect at least one coupon for a free item.  These free coupons really lowered my out of pocket this past week when I went shopping at Meijer's and Kroger.  I actually got overage because of some of these coupons! For example Bar S sent me a coupon for $5.00 worth of any products! I used this at the Meijer 10 for 10 sale.  This sale you bought 10 items at $1 each and got an item free making each item then costing only $.90.  Well I bought 5 packages of sausage with the $5 however I also bought 10 items to get one for free making them cost only a total of $4.50 but I still got credit for a $5.00 coupon meaning I had $.50 to go toward another item. 
Also a lot of my organic coupons have coupons only sparadoically or not at all like Food Taste Good Chips, Bolthouse drinks, etc.  You can get more coupons by emailing these companies or signing up for their newsletters. 
One other thing is that you may not think signing up for samples are worth your time but remember 99% of the time these also come with coupons.  So if you haven't tried these methods yet definitely start so you can build up your coupon stash and get some free products. 

Free Weight Watchers Magazine

Several bloggers such as Hip 2 save and Couponing to Disney have alerted that you can get the Weight Watchers magazine for free!  If you are interested go here.  As for me decisions, decisions I already get soooo many free magazines.  If they could guarantee me a good smart ones coupon each week I'd do it!

Monday, December 14, 2009

Cheap Kikkoman Soy Sauce at VGs.

Check out this link here for buy one get one free kikkoman soy sauce.  This is currently priced for $1.99 at VGs and when you buy two you get at catalina for $.75 off your next order.  If you check all the details of this post it suggests that you try to print two B1G1 and purchase four bottles, then try to use a $1/2 bottle coupon for the ones you are not getting for free.  You'll notice that from the comments section some stores will not allow this however it did work for me at the Waterford VGs.  I actually purchased the Light Kikkoman sauce for $2.49 and purchased four bottles for $4.98.  Then they did allow my $1/2 coupon which doubled to $2 for a total out of pocket that day of $2.98 and I received two catalinas for $.75 off my next order for a total final cost of just $1.48 for four bottles.  Let me know if this deal works out for you!

Thanks Living Rich with Coupons!

Discounted All You Magazine subscription

All You Magazine is available exclusively at Wal-Mart or through a home subscription.  They have tons of great coupons that I love as well as health tips, exercise tips and lots of recipes.  I frequently get Lean Cuisine, Smart ones or other great coupons that I run out of quickly when they are available on-line.  It is nice to know I will have another one coming once a month!  Cover price if you buy them individually is about $2.99 I believe or about $35+ per year.  Magazines.com has the subscription for just $19.97. What is even better is that you can sign up at Shop at Home (one of the many cash back shopping portals) and get 30% cash back!  You can go to here to sign up. 
After Type magazines.com in the search field and click on one of the links to go to their site.  Type "All You" in the search box, add the item to your cart and check out.
If you are new to shop at home you will also get a $5 sign up bonus! 
Thanks Hip2save and Macomb Money Savers!

Macomb Money Savers Match ups are up!

Most of the stores for Oakland County are now up: Meijer, Kroger, VGs, Target and some preliminary pharmacy match ups.  So check it out here today.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Grocery Store Roll Call 12/11/09

CVS #1

1 Zantac Cool 24 ct - $8.99
1 Sudafed  Day/Night 30 ct $6.99
1 Bayer Breeze Blood Glucose Monitor $19.99
1 CVS Thin Lancets 100 Ct $6.99
2 Crest Toothpaste 2/$4.50

1 Coupon for $2/1 Zantac
1 Coupon for $2/1 Sudafed PE
1 Coupon for $30/1 Bayer Countour or Breeze Product (adjusted to price of product)
1 Coupon for $1/2 Crest Toothpaste
$19 in Extracare bucks

Total Spent: $6.32 (Used $1.76 off FSA account and balance on gift card paying only $4.56 with the gift card) (My husband was like you didn't spend any money you gave them a piece of paper! But in reality it was prepaid.)
Total Saved: $89.37
Percentage Saved: 93.4%
Received $14.49 in extracare bucks

Kroger (Went to Grand Blanc Kroger that doubles 3 coupons up to $1)
Number of Items: 26
Total Spent: $10.08
Total Saved: $48.24
Percentage Saved: 82.7%

CVS #2
Double Pack Renu Contact Solution - $12.99
Feminine Care Product - $19.99

Coupon $2/1 Renu Contact Solution
Coupon $5/1 Feminine Care Product
$15.99 in Extracare bucks

Total Spent: $13.47 ($7.04 on electronic gift card, $6.43 out of pocket)
Total Saved: $24.49
Percentage Saved: 64.5%
Recieved $13 in ECBs

Schick Trimmer Razon $6.99
2 Theraflu Sugarfree 6 pack - $10
2 Triaminic Strips - $10
1 Feminine product - $3.99
2 Walgreens Big Roll Toilet paper - $.89 (needed 3 fillers to use all my Registry Rewards and bought things I genuinely needed)

Walgreens coupon for $2 off Theraflu
Walgreens coupon for $2 off Sugarfree Theraflu (yes you can use two no problem if they have different bar codes)
Walgreens coupon for $2 off Triaminic
MFG Coupons for $2/1 Theraflu and $1.50 off 1 Theraflu
MFG coupons for $3/1 Triaminic and $1/1 Triaminic
MFG coupons for $2/1 Schick Razor
$10 in Registry Rewards

Total Spent: $5.34
Total Saved: $40.47
Percentage Saved: 86.8%
Received $16 in RR

Number of Items: 28

Total Spent: $9.18
Total Saved: $34.03
Percentage Saved: 78.8%
(I had a few coupons for free items and with their 10 for 10 deal I got some overage I bougt a $5.99 container of salt without a coupon so I got a lot of groceries free!)

VGs (Waterford that doubles coupons to $1.00)
Number of Items: 45

Total Spent: $31.61
Total Saved: $69.19
Percentage Saved: 68.6%

Walgreens #2
2 Eucerin body lotions at $11.00
4 Gift Card boxes on clerance $.50 (fillers to use registry rewards)
Used $5/2 Eucerin moisterizers coupon
Used $16 in registry rewards
Total Spent: $4.14
Total Saved: $24.74
Percentage Saved: 85.7%
Recieved $8 in Registry Rewards

So I spent $76 and got $410.58 worth of goods and groceries, including rock salt for the driveway, tons of personal products and a lot more cold medicine! Total Savings was of 81.49%.

Friday, December 11, 2009

It's Hip to Save!: Rayovac: $1/1 Coupon=Possibly FREE Batteries!

If you need to stock on batteries here is a deal for you! Check out It's Hip to Save!: Rayovac: $1/1 Coupon=Possibly FREE Batteries!

New Coupons

I've mentioned the site printable coupons and deals before and there are a lot of new coupons posted on that site.  So if you haven't visited in a while be sure to check it out here.

Two more good recipe sites.

All Recipes


1 Year free subscription to Maxim Magazine

Check out out here

Free 1 Year subscription to U.S. News

Check this one out here

1 Year subscription free for Car and Driver

If you are intersted go here

Sunday Coupon Review is now up!

Check it out here!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Meijer $5 off your next $25 purchase.

Macomb Money Savers just alerted to the following coupons $5 off a General Merchandise purchase or Apparel purchase of $25 or more


 $5 off your next $25 food purchase

I am excited! I'm feeling like this is going to be good week for savings! 

My first giveaway is coming soon . . .

I will be having a giveaway next week! I'm excited! It is small but I have to start some where!  So stay tuned and keep checking in with me!

10 Tips to Boost Your Immune System

10 Tips to Boost Your Immune System

Posted using ShareThis

10 "Unhealthy" Foods that are Actually Good for You

This list mentions canned veggies, red meat, potatoes, avocados, dried fruit, pizza, bananas, eggs, shirmp, and iceberg lettuce.  Find out why by reading the whole article:  10 "Unhealthy" Foods that are Actually Good for You

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85 Strategies for Dining out

Check out this great sparkpeople article 85 strategies for dining out.

Recipe Blogs

Check out some of the frugal recipes here at the $5 dinner challenge blog!  I just checked out the first couple post and have mostly everything on hand so I'm happy and about to try some of these this week!

Also have you ever wanted to try a new recipe so you search and search on the Internet and find something that sounds to die for but of course you are missing a couple ingredients? Well here is super cook to the rescue!  Directly from their website: Supercook is a new recipe search engine that finds recipes you can make with only the ingredients you have at home. To begin, simply start adding ingredients you have in the green box on the top left. The more ingredients you add, the better the results will be.

Check it out here

Check out Coupons.com today!

There are new coupons for candy and some high value cereal coupons so be sure to click the button on the lefthand side for coupons.com and print new ones!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Restaurant.com certificates 80% off

For a total of just $2, you'll end up getting a $25 gift certificate! All you have to do is enter SHARE in the promo code section.  These last for one year have some great restaurants in our area.  Just be careful to look at the fine print and make sure you are getting a good deal as many have a minimum purchase.  Also cashbaq has 25% rebate right now so be sure to go here to sign up and then order through that website.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Get Cosmopolitan Magazine 1 year subscription for free!

Check it out here

This week's Best Deals courtesy of Savings.com

Check them out here.

Check out Couponing to Disney today

Couponing to Disney has a huge list of rebates, Amazon.com deals, printable coupons, restaurant deals and more she has posted so check her out here.

It's Hip to Save!: Hooked on Phonics: Overstock Sale + Additional 50% off and FREE Shipping Code!

Check out this great deal that Hip to save just posted. It's Hip to Save!: Hooked on Phonics: Overstock Sale + Additional 50% off and FREE Shipping Code! I just bought 5 things for my nieces for under $15. So check out the deal and check the clearance and sales section. Spend some time on her site as she has posted a lot of great on-line deals today.

Grocery Store Websites in Oakland County

One thing I usually do for at least one of my stores is visit their website and create my grocery list there.  I almost always do this for Kroger, especially if I am going to the Grand Blanc Kroger on the way home where they double coupons up to $1.  This week I did it for both VGs and Kroger. 
One reason I do this is because match ups can't possibly cover all the things that are on sale, they can only highlight so many things.  I find that rarely do they let me know what is on sale in my favorite section of Kroger which is the Nature's Market (Whole Foods/Organic) section.  In addition if you email companies for coupons there will be a lot of coupons that I have that others may not and thus wouldn't show up on a match up.  Also there may be some stores you are intersted in that currently don't have local match ups for.  So check other websites but compare to the local on-line ad and be sure to familiarize yourself with their coupon policies. 
Lastly don't forget that many large chain Dollar Stores do except coupons so if you are running in for a few things it may be a good time to stock up on some lower priced items. 
So if you are interested here are the websites for the local grocery stores.  Give a try making your own grocery list on there.



Dollar General

Family Dollar


Hollywood Super Market



Nino Salvaggio

Oak Ridge

Plum Market


Trader Joes's

Value Center Marketplace



Whole Foods

Leave me a comment if there are any others that you shop and that I should add to the list!

Macomb Money Savers Match ups are now up!

Coupon match ups are now up for most of the stores in Oakland County Meijer's, Target, Kroger, Busch's and VGs.

Check out the button on the left or go here

Monday, December 7, 2009

Stick with your financial diet - CNNMoney

Great CNN money article! When I first started telling my husbands of my results with smart shopping/coupons one thing he said was, "I hope you keep this up when things are good again!"  This article discusses the pitfalls of good economic times and suggests things we should do to not make mistakes and get back into overspending as we climb out of the recession.  Check it out here.

New Redbox Code

There is a new redbox code and per Inside redbox two people have used it successfully in MI.  So give GANTS9 a try.

Also if you haven't done so already you'll need to sign up for text alerts on redbox.com.  Sign up here.  It used to be that redbox emailed the code and they were readily available to anyone.  However now they are only sending one unique code on Free movie Mondays (the first Monday of every month) to those that sign up and this code can only be used once on that day, by that particular person.

Saving Your Cents: Saving Your Cents Presents: CVS 101: An In-Depth Guide For Shopping At CVS

Macomb Money Savers just pointed out this long but informative and helpful blog post on CVS shopping. Check it out when you get at chance at Saving Your Cents: Saving Your Cents Presents: CVS 101: An In-Depth Guide For Shopping At CVS.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

VGs Article for Waterford this week says doubling everyday coupons up to $1!

This was in the Oakland Extra.  So I will have to run by there next week and see if they still have the sign up and verify!

Saturday, December 5, 2009

2009 Cheapie Awards: Nominate your Favorite Money-Saving Blog and You could Win $100

Couponing to Disney just alerted me to another giveaway!  If you nominate your favorite money saving blog and both you and the blogger have a chance to win cash! By nominating your favorite blog, your nomination enters you into a giveaway of $100 (paid via PayPal or Amazon Payments). The blogger has a chance to win $150. The top 5 blogs who receive the most nominations will be entered into a finalist round starting Dec 9th.

Check out the details here.

Sunday Coupon Review is up!

Check it out here

Friday, December 4, 2009

Grocery Store Roll Call 12/04/2009

Kroger (Went to Grand Blanc Kroger that doubles three coupons up to $1)
Number of Items: 52
Total Spent: $44.50
Total Saved: $59.77
Precentage Saved: 57%

CVS #1
2 Accu Aviva Blood Glucose Monitor Kits $14.99
2 Benefiber Orange Chewable Tablets 36 ct $6.49
1 Benefiber Powder 38 DS $9.49
Used 2 $10/1 Coupons for Accu Aviva
Usted 2 $1/1 Benefiber and 1 $2/1 Benefiber Coupons
Used $20 ECBs

Total Spent: $10.25 (off CVS online gift card bought used to pay for camera and earned $15 free on-line gift card)
Total Saved: $54
Precentage saved: 84%

Motions Shampoo, Conditioner and Hair Moisterizer 3 for $10
Fusion Razor $8.99
Glade Candle & Refill 2 for $5
Revlon Eye Brow Gel $3.29
Used $1.00/1 off Revlon Utensil
Used $1/1 Walgreens Revlon Implement
Used $3/2 Glade Products
Used $17 in Registry Rewards
Added 3 Chapsticks for $1.98 (to use my last registry reward which was set to expire that day)
Total Spent: $5.02
Total Saved: $35.55
Precentage Saved: 87.6%
Received $12 in registry rewards

CVS #2
Febreeze Air Freshener $2.50
Colgate Sonic 360 Toothbrush $5.99
Swiffer Starter Kit $9.00
Swiffer Refill $4.00
Used $.75 off one colgate sonic toothbrush
Used $1.00/1 Febreeze
Used Buy one Swiffer Starter Kit get one refill pack free
Used $10 in Extracare bucks

Total Spent: $7.03
Total Saved: $22.02
Percentage Saved: 75.8%
Received $9 in ECBs

VGs (Doubled coupons up to $1 today!)
2 Oikos $.99
Buitino's Fettucine Pasta $1.75
2 Krunchers Potato Chips $2.50
Marinated Chicken (Marked down 60%) $3.18
Pork (Marked down 60%) $.56
Beef (Marked down 60%) $2.15
Coles Frozen Garlic Bread $2.00

Used 2 $1/1 Kruchers Coupon
Used $.50Coles Coupon
Used $1/1 Buitino's Pasta

Total Spent: $9.67
Total Saved: $18.90
Percentage Saved: 66.5%

Number of Items: 21
Total Spent: $9.14
Total Saved: $17.02
Percentage Saved: 65.1%

So I spent $85.61 (I know a lot but keep in mind I didn't really shop last week) and received $292.82 worth of household goods and groceries including two blood glucose monitors and some great hair products.  A total savings of 70.7%  I have a fully stocked freezer with lots of meat, veggies and quick meals and a full fridge with canned fruit and dairy products (yogurt, cottage cheese, cheese etc.)

Waterford VGs is Doubling Coupons up to $1.00 this week!

I can't believe it VGs is doubling coupons up to $1.00.  The cashier said just for this week until Sunday but I emailed them to verify.  She says they will have a new promotion each week so I asked what the promotion will be each week.  I will update when I find out!

Grocery Store Roll Call November Monthly Summary

November Grocery Store Summary

Well I have been hit or miss with my Grocery Store Roll Call but I finally did it! I tracked for a whole month. So here is now a summary of my results.

11/07 (Kroger, VGs, Meijer's & Pharmacies)
Spent - $60.05
Total Cost before savings: $249.85
Percentage Saved:75.9%.

11/15 (Kroger, Meijer's & Pharmaices)
Spent: $33.05
Total Cost before savings: $127.79
Percentage Saved: 74.2%.

11/22 (Aldi's Trip)
Spent: $106.80
Total Cost before savings: $282.21
Percentage Saved: 62.2%

11/25 (Made a quick run to Meijer's for bottled water, Tortilla chips and salsa for my meal and a couple other things, estimate below)
Spent: $10.50
Total Cost before savings: $14.00
Percentage Saved: 25%

So for the month of November I spent $210.85 but bought 673.85 worth of products! Total savings for the entire month 69%.

I am pretty proud of this summary and it tells me a few things.  First if you have a pretty good stock pile you don't have to be perfect.  For various reasons week 11/22 I just didn't have time to work the match-ups so I ran to Aldi's.  On 11/25 I walked into Meijer's and made a purchase without cross-checking other stores and without a coupon book.  (But I bought things on sale, got blessed with a coupon on the shelf and bought a couple store brand items.)  Another thing you can clearly see is working the Pharmacies and loss-leaders at the high-low stores (your typical grocery store) works better than shopping the everyday low price store (Aldi's, Wal-Mart) without coupons.  The numbers just don't lie! 

Lastly I am just pretty proud because based on my last post to be a "thrifty grocery shopper" according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture I can spend about $350 a month on groceries for a family of 2.  I spent only 60% of that! Not only that a "liberal grocery shopper" spends about $680 in groceries and that is close to the value of what I bought!  So I am living like a liberal grocery shopper but paying less than a thrifty shopper! I think that is a great accomplishment!

Monroe on a Budget - Grocery Shopping on a Bugdet

Very informative article.  A bit long but lots of wonderful references.  Check it out here when you get a chance! One thing I love in the beginning of the article she has a link to the United States Department of Agriculture U.S. Average costs of Food.  Check that out here. This is very intersting because I can look up for a family of 2 what is being spent weekly and monthly on groceries.  For instance it says monthly a family of my size spends 346.20 if they are thrifty, 441.10 if they are low costs, 549.20 if they are spending moderately, 687.40 if they are spending liberally.  Before I started this couponing/smart shopping craze I probably was in the low costs range, averaging about $450 a month some what less in the winter, but probably splurging more in the summer averaging it out to about $450.  It is nice to know that even then I was in the low costs range!  But at least you can check out the chart and then set a goal for your family to be thrifty or even beat that number!

Other features in the article are information on stockpiling your pantry and freezer, using different products, getting organized with your dinner plans, coupon rebates tips and tricks, sales fliers, produce, bulk purchases, and frugal recipes.  There are so many articles referenced I am just getting to some them myself so spend some time if you there if you can!

Thursday, December 3, 2009

It's Hip to Save!: $100 ShopAtHome.Com Gift Card Giveaway!!!

It's Hip to Save!: $100 ShopAtHome.Com Gift Card Giveaway!!! Yes another one! Go enter this one quickly as you only have until December 6th!

New coupons on Coupons.com

Hip 2 Save has reported there a few new coupons on coupons.com.  So click the icon on the lefthand side to and check for new ones including $.55 off Lunchables.  Did you know that different zip codes get different coupons? Use zip code 64123 to get this coupon.  Also try zip code 90210 to find other coupons not available when you put in a metro Detroit Zip Code.

6 ways to boost your income

1. Share knowledge for profits

2. Franchise your way to freedome

3. Drive for money

4. Find a roommate

5. Create passive income

6. Speak for success

Check out all the details here

6 Ways to get Free Gift Cards

There are various means to get free gift cards.  The article mentions social media sites, Rack up Points (check my sidebar for many ways to do that!) The article specifically mentions my points, transfer prescriptions, spend til you get one and more. 

Check out the full article here

For the last one spending a certain amount to get an additional gift card free Making Cents Out of Life has a great list here.

I did the CVS one and if I have enough funds next week I may try the Kroger one. 

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Another $100 Gift Card giveaway

Here is another fortunate blogger that is also giving the same giveaway I just posted from Couponing to Disney. Check it out here:Saving You Dinero

Win $100 Gift Card To The Retailer Of Your Choice Courtesy of Couponing to Disney and Shop at Home!

This is an awesome giveaway! Shop at Home is offering one of my lucky readers a $100 gift card to the store of their choice from their Shop at Home gift card center to a Coupon to Disney Reader! Check her out here

Macomb Money Savers: Printable Coupon: Buy One Dozen Eggs, Get One FREE - Hurry!#comment-form#comment-form

If you did not get this deal from the Good Egg Project for a Buy One Dozen eggs get a Dozen eggs free coupon check it out now at this post: Macomb Money Savers: Printable Coupon: Buy One Dozen Eggs, Get One FREE - Hurry!#comment-form#comment-form

It is just the first 10,000 and started at 10 a.m. so hurry over to take the pledge then printyour coupon!

Magazine Deals from Time Warner

These aren't free but still some good deals here

Save with Bargain Blogs by Click on Detroit

Old article but mentions some great blogs here

CVS $5 Challenge – week of 11/29

I have posted about this for but since I have some new people I thought I'd mention it again. Censtable Mama has a great way to get started at CVS. So check out here CVS $5 Challenge – week of 11/29

Gleaners Food Bank Can Drive at Emagine Theater in Novi Wednesday December 2nd

Tonight you can see a free movie at Emagine Theater in Novi when you bring in 5 canned goods!  My husband pointed this out to me so thank him.  It is from 6 p.m. to 10 p.m. the first 1,000 people only.  Check it out here or here for details and exact location.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

It's Hip to Save!: Victoria's Secret: FREE $42 Fragrance Set w/ Any Sleepwear Purchase + Deal Scenario!

Check out this awesome Victoria Secret Deal! It's Hip to Save!: Victoria's Secret: FREE $42 Fragrance Set w/ Any Sleepwear Purchase + Deal Scenario!

Redbox Code

According to inside redbox: Looks like there is another Redbox code working for everyone this week. It looks like it is a "Shop and Save" code, so no guarantee on how long it will work, so use it ASAP.


I checked the comments section and someone was able to use it in Flint MI so hopefully I can use it tonight.  The rumor is that it will only work until December 2nd. 

Budgeting 101 by Dave Ramsey

Great advise in this article. Check it out here

Coupons.com Beginning of the month reminder

Most coupons have reset today so be sure to print out some coupons by clicking on the link to the lefthand side.

Remaining match ups are up at Macomb Money Savers

So give her blog another glance today here