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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

ExtraCare Advantage for Diabetes

I usually just refer to my favorite site for Pharmacy match-ups and unless there is an issue or I've ran into an out of stock item and need to switch the game plan I rarely look at the actual ad.  Well this time I knew there was an issue with the ECBs for a blood glucose monitor so I brought my ad from home and flipping through it found out that CVS now has an Extracare Advantage for Diabetes.  Details directly from the website:

Double Bucks on 100+ products you need**
Special ExtraCare rewards and offers
ExtraCare Advantage for Diabetes e-newsletter
Membership is free.

I signed up by having a bar code in the actual ad scanned and I got a free gift that day, lancets to check one's blood sugar.  My husband is diabetic so I'm excited about this.  It looks like CVS is trying to improve its program and offer extra incentives since Rite Aid and Walgreens now have their loyalty programs.  And I'm good with that.  It appears that you can sign up on-line so do that and check out all the information here.

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