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Thursday, April 15, 2010

60% Cashback or $15 from Jillian Michaels today 04/15/10

Are you a Biggest Loser fan and do you love Jillian Michaels or know someone who does?  Well today is a hot day for you!  First you will want to sign up for her on-line program here.  Being a member is free for the first 7 days and all members get 10% off her products.  It is $4 a week after the first free week trial period.  They bill out quarterly so $52 at a time so if you have been interested in her program today new subscription members can get 60% cash back through Shop at Home!  So today would be the day to sign up if you have been hesitating.
Then to purchase products you can go here.  You will also get a free Jillian Michaels DVD with any purchase.  Her cheapest DVD is $10.99.  There is a Biggest Loser Complete Calorie Counter for $7.99. 
Jillian Michaels Fitness Ultimatum 2010 Wii game is available for $39.99.  14oz Whey Protein is available for $11.52.  Here are two on-line deal scenarios for you, one to maximize low cost and one to actually create a money maker!

First scenario say you wanted to get Jillian Michaels Fitness Ultamatum but it is too expensive for you. Sign up for the plan as I mentioned below.  Log in to your account and you will have to create a profile and afterwards when you go to the store you will have to log in again.  The 10% discount will show up automatically in your account making this product now $35.99.  Shipping for me was $6.55.  Then go through Shop at Home to make your purchase.  (I closed completely out and reopened through Shop at Home and the item was still in my cart.) Today only you will then get 60% cash back!  Final out of pocket will be just $17.01 and the cash back you get would be enough to get you your first payout on Shop at Home which is over $20!  (I've emailed Shop at Home to verify the 60% is off on her products as well, hopefully they will email me back today, but feel free to let me kow your thoughts in the comments section.)

Here is another deal scenario and the one I did since my husband needs whey protein anyway.  Follow the steps to create your account and add the whey protein (or another very lowcost item).  Then go through cashbaq.  My final cost with shipping for this was $18.65 but for going through cashbaq I get $15 cash back (which is more than the $11.19 I get with 60% cash back.)  So I get Whey protein that my husband needs for $3.65 and a free DVD.  If you chose a lowcost book this might break even or be a money maker!

Then of course set yourself a reminder to honestly evaluate the program and cancel within 6 days to not be charged $52 for the quarterly fee of $4 a week for staying with the program.

Let me know what deals you come up with.

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