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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Earn a free Pizza with Papa Johns Rewards Club

Do you frequently it Papa John's Pizza?  If so sign up for their rewards program here

Here are details on how it works directly from the site:
How it Works

1.How can I earn Papa's Points?
Make sure you have an online ordering account at papajohns.com. If you need to set up an account, click here.
2.If your local Papa John's restaurant is participating in the program, you'll see a section on the menu page dedicated to joining the Papa's Points Rewards Program.
Simply click on ENROLL NOW, and you're on your way to earning your first free pizza!
3.Once you've enrolled, place your Papa John's orders online from your computer or your mobile phone. For every $5 you spend (including tax and delivery charges), you will automatically earn one Papa's Point. Points are awarded per order, one point for every full $5 spent.
For example:
$5 total = 1 point
$6 total = 1 point
$7 total = 1 point
$10 total = 2 points
4.When can I redeem my rewards points?
Once you have saved enough points for a FREE pizza, you may redeem them at any time! However, points earned on an order can only be redeemed the business day following your order completion. For example, if you place an order that earns you 4 points, those 4 points cannot be redeemed until a full business day after you have completed that order (and picked it up or had it delivered). So, if you set up a plan-ahead order for several days from now, you can only redeem the points earned on that order a full business day after you've completed and received that order.
5.Once you've earned 25 Papa's Points we'll send you an email communication containing the promotion code 25PAPA. Emails will only be sent Monday through Friday. If 25 points is reached Saturday or Sunday, you will receive the email the following Monday. This will let you know your points are available for redemption. When you're ready to order your free pizza, simply login at papajohns.com, enter 25PAPA in the promo code field, and you're on your way to getting your FREE large three-topping pizza on original crust!* Once your order is complete, we'll subtract 25 Papa's Points from your account, and you can start working toward your next free pizza.
6.You can earn and redeem as many Papa's Points as you like – but hurry, you only have until June 30, 2010 to earn and redeem points!
7.If you already have an account at papajohns.com, click here to find out if your local restaurant is participating in the program, and sign up to start earning rewards!

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