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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Get the Entertainment Book for just $2 final cost!

This week the Entertainment book is on sale for $15.  Additionally you can get $8 cash back from Inbox Dollars when you have an account with them! That puts the out of pocket cost at just $7! Lastly if you are new to Inbox Dollars you would get a $5 sign up bonus bringing your cost down to just $2! What is InBox Dollars?  Technically it fits into the catergory of sites considered to be survey sites, but you also get paid to read emails, print and redeem coupons, as you can see cash back offers and other trial offers. If you are already signed up go here to grab this deal.  If you are not yet signed up go here to sign up and then you most likely will have to wait for an email to grab this deal.  It may come around immediately or you may have to wait a month or so.  But this is the 3rd or 4th time I have seen this offer. 

Not sure you want to buy the entertainment book?  Check it before you buy it here.  Just enter your zip code and you will see some of the deals in your area. 

Looking for more ways to get a small cash flow on-line.  See my previous post I did here.

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