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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Grocery Store Roll Call - March Summary

So how much did you save in the month of March? How much did you spend on groceries?  Are you improving your skills? Are you staying within your budget? Let me know in the comments section.


Monthly Budget: $200.00
Total Shelf Cost: $820.08
Total Coupon Savings: $354.82
Total Savings: $640.64
Amount Paid: $179.44
Savings Rate: 78.12%
Variance: $20.56 (Under budget for the first time on my new lower budget)
Looking at my Year to date I am definitely improving and using new skills.  This month I leveraged prescription transfers to stretch my dollars.  I got $50 in gift cards and $20 in coupon that I used to buy groceries, vitamins, household goods, and more at Rite Aid and Meijer. 
For January my savings rate was 67.45% and I was slightly over budget.  For February my savings rate was 74.85%.  For more it is more than 78% (still looking for a receipt to enter to get exact numbers!)  As you can see above I was able to buy $820 worth of groceries and household items for about $180!  So let me know how you did!

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