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Saturday, April 17, 2010

Kroger Catalina Promotion List

Have you ever stocked up on an item and unexpectantly got a coupon for a certain amount off your next order? Or have you ever gotten a "coupon" promotion to buy a certain amount of an item and receive some amount off your  next order along with your receipt and other coupons when you complete your order?  These are called catalinas.  For example buy 3 of any Kraft products get $3.00 off your next order.  Some times there is a tag under the item or a store display and they are heavily promoted some times it is not.  But it is away to stock up and lower your future grocery bill.  It is good to plan for these and then stock up on meat and produce, things you don't have coupons for as often.  I would also use them when I needed salt during the winter for our driveway. 
Yesterday I saw one big sign for an advertisement at Meijer.  Also I purchased $12 out of pocket in groceries and received 2 catalinas for $3 off my next order each!
There is an OH blogger that keeps a running list of these catalinas for Kroger.  You can check her out here

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