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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Swag Bucks – Round up of current Special Offers

Here is a round up of the different Special Offers available on Swag Bucks:

No Obligation Special Offers Wall 1 Videos
Butterfinger Video (under FREE tab) – 2 Swag Bucks
Death at a Funeral Video (under FREE tab) – 2 Swag Bucks
Kick A$$ Video (under FREE tab) – 2 Swag Bucks
Hot Wheels Video (under FREE tab) – 2 Swag Bucks
SAP Streamworks Video – (unde FREE tab) – 2 Swag Bucks

Special Offers on the Home Page (Horizontal Bar)
Olay Video – 4 Swag Bucks (click banner at top to earn Swag Bucks after watching video)
Kmart Video – 3 Swag Bucks
The Slammin’ Salmon Video – 4 Swag Bucks

I will have to get to these when I get home for sure!

What is Swagbucks? It is an easy way to win prizes, gift cards and more. I usually turn mine in for Amazon.com bucks and occasionally for paypal dollars (which then can be transferred to my checking account therefore free cash!) Whether at home or at work I always go to Swagbucks first and type in what I need, even my own website or ones I visit daily. I randomly get 10 to 500 Swagbucks daily Last month I was able to get $20 in Amazon.com gift cards. (I have a few referrals but not many). If you'd like to sign up go here and then invite your friends as you get Swagbucks for referrals as well. When they win you win!

Thanks Couponing to Disney!

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