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Friday, April 16, 2010

Today is MegaSwagbucks Friday!

Today you can earn between 10-10,000 swagbucks by searching the web! So get to searching!

What is swagbucks? It is a search engine and you get randomly rewarded for your searches. Any time I am on the web I always go there first and type in where I want to go, even my own website! I'll then randomly get 10 – 100 swagbucks per day. They can be redeemed for a variety of gift cards the most popular one is a $5 Amazon.com gift card. I get last month I got four. I recently snagged a 15-in-1 Wii controller ad-on pack and a new Wii Fitness game with 0 out of pocket thanks to my swagbucks!  Also be sure to refer your friends. When they win you win! However today on megaswagbucks day you can win between 10 – 10,000 swagbucks! So get to searching and if you haven't signed up yet you can do so here.

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