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Saturday, April 17, 2010

Walgreens Coupon Policy

Official Walgreens Website

When I contacted Walgreens they informed me that they do not have an official coupon policy and that they give their managers the freedom to decide.  Still there are some guidelines that can be followed and I was sent via snail mail a copy of the guidelines by my local store.  Like all Pharmacies they have a "rebate" program and theirs is an instant rebate, a manufacturer's coupon that prints out when you buy certain products called Walgreen's Registry Rewards.  These can prove to be tricky because since they are Manufacturer coupons they cannot be used with other Manufacturer coupons.  So say you buy a razor for $5 with a coupon for $1 off and get a Registry rewards for $5.  Great deal and a money-maker which is why pharmacies are great to shop at.  However you go back and purchase a bottle of vitamins that are $10 and offering a $5 registry reward and you have a $2 off coupon for that product.  You cannot combine the two coupons for one item because they are both manufacturer coupons so you will need to buy what is commonly referred to as a "filler" item.  Grab gum, pencil or whatever from the counter to use two items with two manufacturer coupons.  A bonus though is because the Registry Rewards is a Manufacturer Coupon legally you can use it at any store.  If you go to any store with a U-scan it should scan properly however most cashiers are not educated on this so if you want to use these on a regularly basis at your favorite grocery store it would be best to speak with the store manager first. 
One other issue is that the majority of the time registry rewards will not "roll" or cannot be used to purchase the same item that generated the reward.  If you try to do this the registry reward will not print again in most cases.  Registry Rewards are also only good for two weeks which makes it difficult to accumulate and easy to expire!
A bonus though is that Walgreens of all the Pharmacies have the most ample supply of store coupons and of course store coupons can be combined with Manufacturer coupons.  They have monthly coupon booklets, weekly bonus coupons found in stores and some times on-line, seasonal coupon booklets, coupons in other booklets like coloring books and diabetes informational booklets.  Occassionally you will even find two store coupons that can be used on the same item. For instance you can find a Walgreen's Instant Value Coupon in their Spring Healthy Seasons booklet then a Walgreen's Store Coupon in the monthly coupon booklet and then of course you may have a Manufacturer coupon all on the same item.  I have seen this combination several times and as long as the two Walgreen's coupons have different bar codes they have put them through.  As you can imagine this is a great way to create overage which you can apply to another high priced item or get a staple like milk. 
Below is a picture of a monthly coupon book and registry reward.

An unofficial Coupon FAQ can be found here courtesy of Iheartwags.com.  This is similar to what I received in the mail from my local store.  Again this is unofficial so you cannot print this out and take it to Walgreen's if you have a coupon dispute. Instead contact them here and asked to be mailed your own copy. 

After exploring Rite Aid more I have to say that Walgreen's is my least favorite.  The short window to use the Registry Rewards kills me some times and Walgreen's doesn't put out coupons for $ off when you spend a certain amount.  Still I was able to catch up on a lot of cold medicine and find some great deals with overage during the winter time. 

If you have any Walgreen's 101 Guides, Weekly Match-ups, or other helpful information please feel free to add it to the linky below!

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