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Friday, April 23, 2010

Organic Coupons currently available

Some of these I have already linked to and posted but a few others posted some additional yesterdays so I thought I would post this comprehensive list.  You can save money on shopping while being green and eating organic you just have to dig a little further to get the coupons.

You can get the following Organic & Earth-friendly coupons on coupons.com

• Save $1.00 when you buy any flavor/variety Cascadian Farm® product
• $1.00 off any Organyc brand feminine care product
• SAVE $1.00 on method laundry detergent for 25 or 50 load bottle
• Save $0.55 on one Nature's Source™ Natural Laundry Stain Remover
• Save $2.00 on any Pure & Natural™ Product

Here are some other great organic & eco-friendly coupons:
• Earth's Best Baby & Toddler Food product coupons here
• Register here with Horizon to get money saving coupons
• Organic Valley printable coupons here
• Register here at Stonyfield to print lots of their different brands of yogurt coupons
• Newman's Own Organics Chocolate & Dog food here
• Santa Cruz Organic soda & Peanut butter here
• Printable coupons to use at Whole Foods here
• Organic Praries Meats~ $1 off Fresh & Frozen here
• $1 off Muir Glen organic tomato product here
• $1 off Borden Organic Milk here
• Register to print Brown Cow Farm coupons here
• $1 off Garden of Eatin Chips here
• Tribe Organic Hummus coupon here
• Knudsen Juice coupons here
• Ian's Natural Foods will mail you coupons if you register here
• Seventh Generation cleaning products here
• $2 off Method Laundry detergent here
• $1 off any Biokleen here
• Mambo Sprouts printable coupons here

Here are ones I posted about contacting so that they will mail you actual coupons before:
Tofutti - info@tofutti.com
Ethnic Gourmet -Ethnic Gourmet Newsletter and Contact Ethnic Gourmet
Amy's (Pizza and Burritos) - Amy's Kitchen Newsletter and Amy's Kitchen Contact Form
Rice Dream - Rice Dream Coupon, Rice Dream Newsletter (same parent company as ethnic gourmet), and  Rice Dream Contact
Guiltless Gourmet - Guiltless Gourmet Newsletter and Guiltless Gourmet Contact Form
Quorn - Quorn Contact Form
Cascadian Farms - Cascadian Farms Newsletter and Cascadian Farms Contact Form

Thanks Savvy Spending for some of these links!

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