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Monday, June 28, 2010

Grocery Store Roll Call June Week 4

VGs Waterford that doubles three like coupons up to $1.00 06/21/2010 (Pictured above)
Number of Items: 35
Total Spent: $8.92 ($25 provided by Collective Bias to shop and document trip)
Total Saved: $59.56 (Truly saved $25.64)
Percentage Saved: 86.97% (Truly saved 43.05%)
Notes: As you can see a splurged a little bit since $25 was provided to me to shop.  I rarely would purchase so much meat (I got Talapia, ground beef, and chicken breast) all in one transaction.  I usually purchase one per week and freeze it.  Even still I think I got some good mark down items: Bagelfuls Bolthouse juice produce and even good prices on the meat I bought.)

CVS 06/22/2010
Purchased 8 PowerBar Gels, 1 PureProtein bar, 1 olay body wash and Lighter fluid
Total Spent: $2.10
Total Saved: $27.51
Percentage Saved: 92.91%
Notes: Used coupon for $4 off any order of $20 or more 2 Manufactuer coupons and $14 in ECBs received $9 in ECBs in return

Target 06/26/2010
Purchased 5 Healthy Choice meals and 10 Sobe lifewaters
Total Spent: 0
Total Saved: $26.68
Percentage Saved 100%
Notes: Used several coupons and paid with $14.67 worth of gift cards from previous transactions received $5.00 gift card in return

Rite Aid:
Purchased Zyrtec, Excedrin and a couple other personal products
Total Spent: 0
Total Saved: $43.12
Percentage Saved: 100%
Notes: Used $10.00 in coupons and leveraged Flexible Spending account money
(Probably will be the last time but hey it lasted me for half the year!)

Wow! I purchased $167.89 worth of products including household items for just $11.02! I am proud of myself because I controlled my spending as I went a little over budget last week, so I refrained from a couple of store trips that I might have made (Kroger and Meijer) if I still had funds. My savings percentage was 93.44% for this week! Probably won't top that again any time soon! The paid shopping trip of course helped but I wouldn't have had a low percentage of 43% actually saved it would've been closer to 66%-75% and probably not much too different out of pocket.  Plus leveraging my flexible spending account dollars for medical purchases helped as well.  How did your savings go?


  1. Triples?!? I thought they doubled up to 3 like coupons...if it is triple this week let me know!

  2. What in the world was I thinking!?! Thanks for catching that I have fixed it! If only! ...