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Friday, June 25, 2010

It's YouData Payout Friday!

Today is YouData payout Friday. What is YouData? You get paid to view advertisements. Sometimes it is just to view a website but sometimes it could be a full ad or commercial. Always very quick and then every Friday the balance you have is sent to your paypal account. I always check Friday mornings to see if I have new offers and this morning I didn't have any.  Even doing them the morning of will get my money transferred into my paypal account later that day. For more information or to sign up go here.

If you'd like to look at more ways to generate small cash flow check out my previous article here.


  1. Just signed up under your link, hopefully you get referral money! Thanks for the info

  2. Thansk so much I appreciate it. Be sure to check out the other link with other ideas as well since YouData pays so little!

  3. I sure will! Thanks for this info and all the other savings you bring me each week!