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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Use Coupons all the time!

There are only three basic things to remember to be successful in Grocery Shopping from all that I have researched and read:

#1 Only Shop true Sales. A true sale is 30-50% off the normal average price. It isn't automatically what is advertised or sitting on an end cap. A true sale comes only once every 12 weeks.

#2 Use coupons on things you need when they are on sale. If you use coupons only you probably won't save that much and would probably due better buying from Aldi's, a dollar store, or buying generic. But if you use coupons on a sale, then you can score some good savings.

#3 Learn to stock pile. Since a true sale comes only every 12 weeks, buy enough at that lowest price to last until the next one comes around. When you only by everything at its lowest price you really start to hit your bottom line.

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