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Friday, September 11, 2009

Getting things for free

A great way to generate cash flow is to get all you can for free! Whatever you can get for free, gives you more money to spend on other things.  There are lots of things you can get for free through couponing, but there are also always free sample deals available and other freebies.

One of my favorite bloggers Hip2save is daily posting free sample offers.  I check her site several times a day.  So check her out Hip 2 Save
All around the blogosphere you will find plenty of bloggers with information on freebies.
Another one I like a lot is the affluent pauper.
Affluent Pauper

She has a great and extensive freebie list that she updates weekly and marks the new ones in red.  I spent about a week everyday applying to tons of things and now I check it out every other week or so for new ones.  It is fun to get free stuff in the mail on average three times a week!

Keep in mind you will usually have to fill out a form and give out your email address and sometimes this will create junk mail.  So think about setting up a separate email account for your freebies and deals that you can check just once in a while and clean out.  That way you won't clog up your personal email account.

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