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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

New Kroger Cellfire Cinderalla Coupon $ off tomorrow at 3 p.m.

Tomorrow 06/17/2010 at noon Pacific (3 pm EDT), Cellfire will be releasing a $$ off coupon (up to $10) for your next visit to Kroger (or Kroger affliates). There are an extremely limited number of coupons, and I expect them to run out quickly.

Last time there were tons of glitches.  I did not get the coupon as I was at my computer for about an hour and then went out to eat.  When I came back the page would never load.  Cellfire promises this one will run more smoothly and it will be for more than $1.00 which was the value last time. 

To be ready you will need to do the following: Register now for Cellfire
Add your Kroger (or Kroger affliate ) card to your account.
Visit this site at 3 pm EDT to load the $$ off coupon onto your loyalty card (the coupon will not be visible before then).

Thanks Censtable Momma!

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