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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Grocery Store Roll Call August Week 4

Kroger Detailed below $18.04 worth of food and goods

Total Spent: $18.04
Total Saved: $46.73
Percentage Saved: 72.12%

For week 4 of August I spent just $18.04 to buy $64.77 worth of food and goods.  I only went to one store this week for various reasons.  First the pharmacies take a lot of prep and with me working overtime I haven't had the time for it.  I can't believe I might go a month without shopping at them.  Also I did make a Meijer trip and ended up leaving $70 worth of food at the store because the cashier and manager is not aware of what "one per purchase means on the coupon" and some of my coupons also didn't scan.  I sent an email to Meijer and they sent it to the District Manager so hopefully they will get some resolution and fix it.  For now I am boycotting Meijer and even if they give me some good restitution I proabably will not go back to the Pontiac Meijer and try to only shop at Auburn Hills and White Lake (which will still probably limit how often I shop there.)  We survived though we had to go without Cheese and salad I made an early trip to last night to VGs to make up for it (plus I had to use some coupons that were expiring that I would have used there.)  (Thanks for listening to my rant! LOL)
Since there was only one trip there that trip represents the weekly total as well. 

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