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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Updated Blockbuster Express Free Rental Codes

If you haven't heard by now, Blockbuster express is now appearing around Metro Detroit, attempting to compete with the success of RedBox rentals! Looks like since redbox goes after larger National stores like Meijer, 7-11 and Kroger in our area, they are tackling the smaller more regionalize grocers like VG’s, Oak Ridge Market and Hollywood Market. So I am happy to report there is now one at my local Speedway!   There is one at the Pontiac VGs and Sav-a-Lot, Tenuta's in Waterford and Hollywood Market in Bloomfield. So if you haven't checked recently check again  You can check out locations near you here. Additionally to get these codes first and fast you will want to sign up for the blockbuster express emails on the same page. 2/3 of the way down on the lefthand side is a spot to sign up for emails.
The July monthly code is now up on the kiosks! Look for it even if you forget to bring your list!

BBXDVD1 - Get a free rental (permanent first time users) Thanks Save the Coupons!

GT17A - Get a free rental (expiration date unknown)

G419A - Get a free rental (exp 09/30)

GL16B - Rent One Get One Free (exp 09/15)
BBXPUB - Get a free rental (probably publix only? did not work for me on the on-line kiosk)

Thanks for all the above Coupon Dad!

WDVD1 - Get a freen Rental (Today 09/15/10 only) Thanks Good Deal Mama!

Add a movie to your cart, view cart, then add promo before you pay.  The cases in these are great and look sturdy and I like the style of the kiosk.  Not sure how fun an outside one will be at my speedway in the rain, but at least I have one close!
Remember these are use one per credit/debit card so you can make it stretch!  And don't forget to return before 9 p.m. the next day to avoid being charged $1 per day.  Let me know what your experience has been when them! If any of these do not work please leave a message in the comments section so I have have them removed.
These codes as of 09/15/2010 but the ones without expiration dates are iffy so be sure to take a long list with you.  (Thanks savethecoupons for letting me know to verify these on the on-line kiosk!)  You can also check them beforehand by ordering through the on the on-line kiosk here.)  How do you like Blockbuster express?

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