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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Host a Perler Bead-a-Palooza House Party November 6th 2010

Have you heard of House Party? If not check out this post here on this marketing concept and how you can use it to reduce your expenses when you entertain. Then decide if you would be interested in the following house party:

Host a Perler Bead-a-Palooza House Party
Invite your friends and their children into the wonderful world of fused beads at your Perler Bead-a-Palooza House Party. Perler Beads are a great way to bring parents and children together for memorable creative fun!

Perler will supply bead kits and activities for everyone to make brilliant and bright Perler Bead designs.
Let the kids make something for themselves, or to give to their teacher or soccer coach. Perler Bead projects make a great personalized gift idea for the holidays!
Apply to host, and see where your creativity will take you!

Spaces for this event are limited.

Send me an email here with House Party in the title.
Has anyone done any house parties recently? How do you like it?

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