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Monday, September 27, 2010

Pharmacy Round up week 09/26/10-10/02/10

No highlights but here are the links! 

Go here for the coupon policy and here for the full match-ups.
Go here to sign up Rite Aid Wellness as some deals require it or you can also sign up in store.
Starting June 6th Rite Aid started a new program called the UP Reward program.This is like CVS ECBs, a coupon for a $ amount will print on the bottom of your receipt and can be used like cash on your next Rite Aid shopping trip.  Also please keep in mind that most Single Check Rebates last the entire month and have a limit of one! So if many deals are repeats and you will want to be careful to do those deals more than once in a month. 

Go here for the coupon policy here for full match-ups.

Go here for coupon policy and here for full match-ups.

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