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Saturday, August 14, 2010

Guest Post: Brand Loyalty Courtesy of Stockpiling Moms

Do you have a brand you can not get out of your house?

I did! It was Jif! It was the same at Melissa’s house! Now my favorite peanut butter is FREE! I still like Jif but I like FREE much better! I have found no huge difference between the peanut butters other than price!

The other brand I could not get out of my house was Charmin! I still buy Charmin when I have a coupon but I also try other brands. I try to buy Free or close to free toilet paper but there are still some things it is hard to break free (no pun intended) from!

Brand Loyalty and Store brands often hurt your couponing. The reason is because if you look closely you can get a brand name for free or close to free. This is when you stockpile. Store brands usually do not have coupons so they are the same price no matter what. I would rather buy a package that is a little smaller for Free then buy a store brand to get more. This is another “think outside the box” idea!

I love to hear your comments! What are you loyal to and can you break free?

My thoughts: Short, clear and to the point! And definitely true! Check out another article I've done on the subject here.  Thanks Stockpiling Moms!

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