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Sunday, August 8, 2010

Host a Beyblade Let It Rip House Party Saturday, September 25, 2010

Have you heard of House Party? If not check out this post here on this marketing concept and how you can use it to reduce your expenses when you entertain. Then decide if you would be interested in the following house party:

3,2,1...LET IT RIP!

Host a Beyblade Let It Rip House Party
Brought to you by Hasbro

With Beyblade: Metal Fusion, kids can design and customize their ideal battling top before going head-to-head with their friends in fast-paced, action-packed competitions.

Host a Beyblade Let It Rip House Party and make sure that your son and his friends are the first to compete with Beyblade Battle Tops.

If selected to host, you will:

Invite your son's friends over on September 25th to get a first look at the new Beyblade: Metal Fusion line
Hold a Beyblade: Metal Fusion tournament using the battling tops, accessories and arena in your FREE party pack
Enjoy scenes from the all-new Beyblade animated series, now airing weekends on Cartoon Network

Spaces for this event are limited.

Interested in signing up?  Send me an email here with House Party in the title.
Has anyone done any house parties recently? How do you like it?

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