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Monday, August 16, 2010

Guest Post: What's the difference between a couponer and a super couponer? Stockpiling! Courtesy of the Prudent Patron

Stockpiling is the secret to really lowering your grocery bill. Today, I am giving you a little peak inside my pantry. It is where I keep the majority of my food stockpile. I don't know why, but this feels so personal. I 'd almost rather tell you my weight, than post a picture of my pantry, but here it goes...

What is stockpiling? A stockpile by definition is a reserve supply of goods. Stockpiling is simply buying groceries and household goods when they are at their cheapest and buying enough to last you until the next great sale! Nearly, everything you see in this picture was free or less than $.50!

Why should you stockpile? When you stockpile, you only buy your non-perishables when they at their lowest price. You never have to pay full price for that box of cereal or that roll of paper towels because you always have enough on hand.

How much should you buy? Stores sales generally run on a three month cycle. Meaning that B1G1 cereal that also has matching coupons, and only cost $.28 will not likely be that price for another three months. When your favorite products are at that rock bottom price, you should buy enough to last your family three months. Each family is going to be different. If you look at the picture of my pantry, you will see an insane amount of cereal! At last count, I think I had nearly 30 boxes. Most families will not eat 30 boxes of cereal in three months, but we love cereal! We eat it for breakfast, for snacks and even for dessert! I know my family will have no problem going through those 30 boxes long before their expiration date.

What should you stockpile? I only stockpile non-perishables because I don't have an extra freezer. If you have an extra freezer, than you can also stockpile anything you can freeze. However, if you live in an area that has a hurricane season, like I do, I would recommend keeping your freezer supplies low during those months.

Here is a list of some items I stockpile:
Granola bars
Spaghetti Sauce
Salad dressing
Boxed side dishes
Baking Mixes
Paper Products
Laundry Products
Personal Hygiene Products
Over the counter medicines
Cleaning Supplies
Air fresheners

Stockpiling Tips:

• Keep the labels facing out, so you know what you have.

• Stack it according to expiration date, so you eat the food closest to its expiration date first. First in, first out!

• Put bay leaves between your boxes of pasta and cereal to keep out weevils.

• Don't try to fill up your stockpile all at once. Let it build slowly as the sales come around.

My thoughts: Yes here is another back to basics article!  Stockpiling is essential to understand and start doing if you want to move from saving 50% to 80% .  Check out more on this with articles here and here.  Thanks Prudent PatronBelow are pictures of my own stockpile in case you missed it when I posted before:

How is your stockpile looking?

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