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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Aldi's Deals 07/25/10-07/31/10

Be sure to bring your own bags at Aldi's so that you don't have to pay to purchase any.  Aldi's does not accept coupons but they have rock bottom prices on many items and are my go to store in a pinch!

Here are some highlights from my ad in Waterford MI.

Sweet Harvest Apple Sauce Cups $.89
Savoritz 4 Kids Peanut Butter & Cheese Crackers $.99
Sweet Harvest Raisins $1.29
Millville Chewy Granola Bar $1.69
L'oven Fresh White Bread $.79
Happy Harvest Mushrooms $.50
Bon Italia Spaghetti Rings Pasta $.59
Great Gherkins Sandwich Slices $1.19
Sweet Harvest Pear Halves $1.39

Fit and Active Light String Cheese or Happy Farms Spirals or String Cheese $2.79

Happy Farms American Cheese Slices $1.49 (Price drop from $1.99)

Strawberries $1.19
Red/Green Grapes $.79
Canteloupe $.99 each

Check out more deals in your local Aldi's ad and check out this week's special buys on-line here.

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