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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Guest Post: I'm NOT an "Average American!" Courtesy of the Sharp Scissors Lady

Dear Savvy Coupon Spenders,

Do you ever stop to think about what life used to be like before you began spending coupons? Remember how much you dreaded life in the checkout lane? Remember feeling guilty about how much money you dropped on food every single week?

I used to grocery shop twice a week (hey, I've always loved to grocery shop!) so I didn't feel like I was paying an arm AND a leg at the checkout. Silly, I know!

The nerd-a-licious side of me loves to keep a running tally on my spending- to keep my head in the game and money in our savings account! About a year ago, I read that the "average American" spends $50 a week, per person, just on food eaten/prepared (if brown bagging) at home! The $50 ONLY counted towards edibles, not tooth paste, shampoo, laundry detergent, and all of the other consumables that we savvily have learned to purchase for pennies on the dollar!

My running tally for my family of THREE, which includes not only our edibles, but also all of our consumables, just hit the $1,000 threshold for the year! BUT, if I were a typical American shopper, $1,000 would have only lasted my family for 6 weeks, not nearly 6 FULL MONTHS! Crazy, huh?

So, in light of the $50 per person/week American standard, how are YOU doing these days?

My thoughts: I have a little ways to go but I am getting there! How are you doing? Thanks Sharp Scissors Lady!

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