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Saturday, July 17, 2010

Guest Post: How to Save Money on Paint - Oops Paints! Courtesy of the Prudent Patron

My friend and I went to Home Depot a few days ago to use the BOGO rose coupons I told you about here. She wanted to pick up some touch-up paint while we were there, so I suggested we check out the Oops paints. She had never heard of the Oops paints before which me gave the idea to share it with all of you too!

If you don't know about Oops paints, they are paints that people had mixed a certain color and then they decided not to purchase them. I have seen Oops paints at Home Depot and Lowes. They are usually in the back on the store, often near the paint section. The colors can be kind of crazy, but if you are flexible with your paint color you can really get some great deals! I saw a gallon of Behr primer and paint in one (regularly $34.00) for only $5.00! My friend found a small can of off-white paint for only $.50! Next time you need paint for a room or a craft project be sure to check out the Oops paints!
Check out these Oops paints prices:

I had never heard of this either and I remodeled a whole house!  My husband plans to take some time to make some touch ups so I will definitely let him know about this.  Man you really can save on everything!  Thanks The Prudent Patron!

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