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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Repost: Test out products and get samples for free

There are many companies that will let you test out products for free.  They use the word of mouth system and would like your feedback and hope you will share your experience and coupons with others.  If this interests you try some of these sites.  Some combine surveys and point systems for you to earn more, including cash.

Bzzagent – here is info directly from their website: We're a word-of-mouth media network powered by 600,000 people. We pair consumers with products and supply digital tools that make widespread opinion-sharing easy. I like Bzzagent a lot they have a variety of things surveys, products to try, coupons, and you can view other websites on just about anything.  Recent bzzagents got a free redbox code to use and I plan on using to tomorrow.  I got a glad sense and spray to try and many coupons I will be sharing with others.  I was also invited to participate in a $20 gum taste test, however I didn't get all my tweets in on Twitter so I lost out on the cash but still ate free gum.  If you think you'd like to sign up go here

Expo T. V. Tryology – Here's what their website says about why you should join: Get heard - If you have something to say about a product and want to share it with others you've come to the right place. EXPO wants to hear your honest opinion about the things you buy and will make it available to others across the web looking for authentic consumer information. Get Rewards - Cash in points you've earned for providing consumer insights for cool gadgets and gear at the EXPO Store. Choose from gift cards, gadgets, and more. Try products - We call it "Tryology" the exclusive EXPO program where you qualify to try new products - sometimes before they hit store shelves. We'll send you the goods and then you let us know what you thought of the product in video. If you think you'd be interested go here

House Party - Here is what the house party site says they are all about: House Party™ lets people who really love something host a special event featuring a fun, free, exclusive experience sponsored by the world's leading brands.  Cool people sharing cool stuff. A House Party™ is thousands of parties happening across the country on a single day, hosted by people just like you. Each event is sponsored by a leading brand and focuses on something cool–like a new product, hit TV show, or great cause–that the sponsor wants its best fans to experience firsthand and share with their friends. (Check out some of our recent events.)  You host. Everyone wins. House Party lets you share the stuff you like with the people you like, through a fantastic, free party experience. What's the catch? There is none: Our partners understand that if they share something good with the right people in a fun way, we'll all help spread the word. What's inside the party packs?  Each event has a unique Party Pack filled with all kinds of free stuff to make your party a success. We've thrown all kinds of events: TV Viewing, Wine & Chocolate Pairing, Kid-centric, you name it.
Hosts of some of our recent events have received:* Advanced copies of TV Shows, Sneak Previews of Movies, Board Games, Action-figures, Gourmet Chocolate, Gourmet Coffee Samples, Coffee Maker, Coupons, Special Offers, Party Favors, Party Decorations, Stickers, T-Shirt Transfers, Window Clings, Health & Beauty Products, Baby Products, etc. I haven't had the opportunity to host one yet but I have an application pending for a new Wii exercise game! If you would like to sign up email me here and put House Party Sign up in the title.

Vocalpoint - Here is what their website says: Vocalpoint is a community of moms who...Love talking to other people, Get energized when they are asked for their opinions, Like searching for new knowledge and sharing it with others, Enjoy making a difference in people's lives.  Vocalpoint frequently sends out coupons and free products.  You'll see others on blogs alert you to new product offers by vocalpoint frequently. I think I got a full bag of nut clusters from them.  Either them or another one of these sites! If you'd like to sign up go here.

Shespeaks - I just got Isoactive Aquafresh Toothpaste from them.  You sign up and they send you a qualifying survey for a specific product and then it arrives in three weeks.  There are also exclusive coupons and offers.  They also frequently offer samples and most samples come with coupons.  So far I like it.  If you think you are interested in joining send me an email here and put shespeaks sign up in the title.

Kraft First Taste - Here's what Kraft has to say Love to check out new products and talk about them with your friends? As a member of the First Taste community, you'll be the first to discover and learn about new Kraft products. Share great products - Spread the word about your favorite Kraft products so your family and friends can share in the fun. Give us your feedback - What do you think of our products? You'll get the chance to tell us by answering our surveys. Stir things up! - Get involved in the First Taste community and meet other people with a zest for trying new things.  You'll get products, coupons and more.  Check out this new product and then sign up Mousse Temptations by Jell-O

There are a few more and I will post them as I get emails from them.  As with other websites you sign up for you probably want to use a different email address than your normal one as you will get weekly newsletters.  Perhaps use the same one you use to receive coupons at

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