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Saturday, July 17, 2010

Repost: Make Extra Money buy Shopping On-line, Searching On-line and completing small trial offers

There are many ways you can make a little extra cash or earn giftcards on-line by doing simple things.  The first thing you probably want to do is set up a separate email account for this.  That way all the emails come to one place.  Some of these I have mentioned in passing but here's a good list with some summaries.

Paypal – You probably first want to sign up to paypal as paypal is a way that many of the companies will pay you immediately and electronically.  In addition paypal offers it's own on-line discounts and they give you interest in the money you keep in your account.  You can find a button on the side to sign up for paypal.

There are several ways to earn cash back when you shop online:
Cashbaq – You can find codes to reduce your price of on-line shopping and then receive a small amount back on that purchase.  Once you receive a certain amount that quantity will be paid back to you.  Sign up for cashbaq here

Ebates – Exact same idea as cashbaq when you have choice you will want to see which will give you the better deal and the most cash back cashbaq or ebates. Sign up for ebates here

Mr. Rebates - Another site that will give you cash back on your purchases here

BigCrumbs - Another site that will give you cash back on your purchases here

Shop at Home - Another cash back go here to sign up

Swagbucks – Sponsored by google you get points or "swagbucks" for searches.  Instead of going directly to a website type it in here and you will get a few swagbucks per day.  Once they add up you can redeem them for various prices as well as $5 Amazon gift cards or $5 into your paypal account.  You can sign up here

Upromise – Upromise has a little bit of everything.  You can shop, add coupons to shop with, many many things.  The idea is to save money in this account for college and redeem later.  However you can save for a future child, so you don't have to have to have children to sign up.  And if you decide to shop through their site be sure you can't get a better deal at cashbaq or ebates. Click the button on my site or go here to sign up.

Mypoints – You get points for many different things, trying trial offers, printing and redeeming coupons, and even reading emails.  The emails are advertisements and you get more points of you try them but you get a small amount for just clicking on it.  You'll get two or three a day and although it is slow eventually it will add up so you can redeem them for different types of gift cards.  Again with the shopping make sure you can't get a better deal through another site. If you'd like to sign up email me here and put Mypoints sign up in the title.

Youdata – You get paid to view advertisments.  Sometimes it is just to view a website but sometimes it could be a full ad or commercial.  Always very quick and then every Friday the balance you have is sent to your paypal account.  If you'd like to sign up click here

Be sure to sign this up for an alternate and not your main email address as you will get many emails from them.

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