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Monday, July 19, 2010

Guest Post: It’s more than just Stockpiling! Courtesy of Stockpiling Moms

My husband and I were discussing my stockpiling on the way home from a nearby amusement park. For the first time, in a long time, we dropped $50.00 on junk at the park and did not feel bad about it. There was no remorse at all! This is because we have a few extra dollars for some occasional fun! We have this extra money because of stockpiling and couponing!

We began to discuss what Stockpiling has done for us as a family. We learned some very interesting things! For one, I am embarrassed to say I at one time did not cook at all! It was not because I couldn’t but because I hated it!! Stockpiling changed that! I loved saving money but I did not want to cook so we ate out all the time!! When our second child came we discovered it was getting very expensive to dine out! Not only because we were feeding someone extra but because we had to buy other things for a baby. I guess I also did not realize how long we sat and waited for tables, while making the kids sit, and the time spent in a restaurant. We then were rushing to get home to get baths and get the kids in bed. This has all changed. We now start dinner before my husband gets home! We sit together, laugh together, and have dinner together every night! We now go outside and play as a family because we have time!!! We are not rushed to get baths and for bedtime stories.

Another big difference is it has cut down on my store trips! It is horrible, as a lot of you know, to make multiple trips to the store with small children. They hate it!!! They want to be outside playing, watching movies, or playing games, not in the grocery! Can you blame them? I no longer am buying a bunch of things I do not need. They no longer are talking me in to buying them things they want. Instead, we are shopping from our stockpile. This saves you money because you are not traveling to the grocery or spending money you do not need to spend! When we do go to the grocery we stick to the list, the kids have fun spotting ,and they each get a little prize at the end of the trip!

I am teaching my kids what it means to save! My four year old freaks when he sees me pull out coupons and put them in a bag. He thinks I am throwing them away. I have had to explain to him several times where they are going. If you do not know where to send yours check out Expired coupons!!

It has brought our family closer in many ways! We now do simple cooking projects with the kids, they help prepare meals, and we are spending time with our family! It is amazing how much saving money, stockpiling, and couponing impacts on your life! I believe my family is closer because of it!

I also feel it has brought me closer to a lot of people around me. I have spent countless hours teaching and talking about stockpiling! I have met wonderful people and have made wonderful friends through stockpiling! Melissa and I feel very blessed!

Thanks Stockpiling Moms!

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