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Friday, July 16, 2010

Repost: Grocery Shopping on a Budget Courtesy of Monroe on a Budget

Very informative article.  A bit long but lots of wonderful references.  Check it out here when you get a chance! One thing I love in the beginning of the article she has a link to the United States Department of Agriculture U.S. Average costs of Food.  Check that out here. This is very intersting because I can look up for a family of 2 what is being spent weekly and monthly on groceries.  For instance it says monthly a family of my size spends 346.20 if they are thrifty, 441.10 if they are low costs, 549.20 if they are spending moderately, 687.40 if they are spending liberally.  Before I started this couponing/smart shopping craze I probably was in the low costs range, averaging about $450 a month some what less in the winter, but probably splurging more in the summer averaging it out to about $450.  It is nice to know that even then I was in the low costs range!  But at least you can check out the chart and then set a goal for your family to be thrifty or even beat that number!

Other features in the article are information on stockpiling your pantry and freezer, using different products, getting organized with your dinner plans, coupon rebates tips and tricks, sales fliers, produce, bulk purchases, and frugal recipes.  There are so many articles referenced I am just getting to some them myself so spend some time if you there if you can!

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