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Saturday, July 17, 2010

Guest Post: To Cut or not to cut . . . Courtesy of Savvy Spending

Yesterday I shared with you a few different ways to organize your coupons. Another common question I get asked is, "Do you clip every coupon?" Here is my answer:

I've done both. When I first began seriously couponing and getting my stockpile together, I would clip every coupon. I would file about 80% of them in my coupon organizer. The other 20% (the coupons I didn't think I'd use) I kept in an envelope in a junk drawer. I would use these coupons to trade with others on AFullCup.com OR would keep them in case a deal came up that would make the product free. I can't tell you how many times I went to this envelope to get a coupon to use for a "freebie" deal! I was so glad I had kept them all! What I liked about this system: *I was organized, *I knew if the coupon was "out there", I had it somewhere!, *I didn't have a big pile of coupon inserts sitting around. What I didn't like about this system: *it took a lot of time to clip and file every coupon, *I would often clip and file coupons I didn't end up using.

These days, I go through and cut the coupons I know I'll use AND coupons that I know will get me a great deal or a freebie (the longer you coupon, the better you get at instantly spotting these coupons!). The rest of the coupons I now keep intact in the insert. If I see a deal and I need a coupon, I will first look in my binder and see if I clipped it (or usually I just remember). If I didn't clip it yet, I just go to my pile of coupon inserts and find the coupon according to the date and the insert type. What I like about this system: *it takes a lot less time, *I only have to file the coupons I know I'll use. What I don't like about this system: *I don't have every coupon with me, so if I see a deal while at the store, the coupon might still be at home in the insert! *I have a huge pile of inserts sitting in my kitchen.

If you are ever wondering how to find out when and where a coupon came from, you can go to a coupon database, like at AFullCup.com or Couponmom.com and look it up. The inserts have dates printed on their spine and the name of the insert is on the front page. For example, a coupon from the 3/28 RP would be found in the March 28th Red Plum insert!

**So tell me, what is your system? Do you cut every coupon or just certain ones? How does it work for you? Share your tips in the comment section!
My thoughts: I think she is right when you start and you are still in your "in love" phase with coupons it is nothing to cut them all.  Or some can make time for it.  I did as well in the beginning.  Now I still cut most but don't have time to cut coupons to trade.  I don't think I will ever go to the insert method because I think I know better what I have when I look at them and cut them.  Thanks Savvy Spending!

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