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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Repost: Get money to take surveys, read emails, or try offers

One way easy way to generate cashflow is to sign up to survey sites.  Some are just surveys, others will pay you to click on advertisements and some to try offers.  Be sure to use a separate email for these so that it doesn't clog up your personal email account.  Spend some time signing up for just a few at a time as you will then have to fill out several profiles to get invited to surveys.  Even then they will send you prequalifiers and you won't qualify and get paid for every survey you are sent.  These aren't something you can make tons of money on, nor even enough to call it a part-time job but if you start doing them regularly you can work up to $100 a month.  An extra $100 a month could be used to take care of a bill or your gas or go towards savings. You also get a certain amount at a lot of survey sites for referrals.

Opinion Outpost very good and payout is just $5 in Amazon.com or by check.  I've made plenty with this site so far.  To sign up go here

Ipsos I-Say Good site as well - here

Inbox Dollars Combination of email - here with Inbox Dollars in the title

Rewardport - send me an email here with rewardport in the title for an invite

Mindfield On-line - here

Cashcrate – here

Vindale – here

Harris Poll - here

Hotspex - send me an email here with Hotspex in the title and I will send you an invite

My Survey - send me an email here with My survey in the title and I will send you an invite

Focus Forward Online - here

Swagbucks and Upromise also have surveys for you to complete and earn points/money through them.
Checkout the survey police for reviews on various survey sites and a lot more options.   Also they have a great article how to recognize a psuedo survey website.

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