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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Grocery Store Roll Call 2010 Six Month Summary

So here is my Six Month Summary for the year of 2010:
I have spent $1,373.10 in Groceries which averages out to be $228.85 per month for groceries for a family of two.  With a few adjustments here and there I should be able to hit my goal of $2500 for the year. 
Groceries in this case includes produce, meat, all other edible groceries household goods including cleaning supplies, outdoor goods like rock salt in the winter and charcoal in the summer and pharmacy products other than prescriptions (some of which the savings are leveraged by using my flexible spending account dollars to maximize savings using and receiving store rewards at the pharmacies.)  This has bought me $6,062.56 worth of groceries and goods for a savings of $4,689.46 which produces a savings rate of 77.35%.
Prior to coupons I averaged about $375 per month in shopping by shopping sale prices only at Kroger and buying some things at Aldi's.  My monthly spending was a little high due to organic purchases and convenience food purchases.  In a year's time I would've spent $4500 in groceries for a family of two. 
I did not track my spending when I started couponing however I checked my online bank account porfolio and it informed me that I spend $3,259.85 in groceries for the year of 2009.  7 months of that was shopping mostly at Aldi's, incorporating Dollar Stores and the last 5 months was with the use of coupons and smart shopping techniques.  This works out to be an average spending of $271.66 per month.  That year I spent only 72% of what I spent in the previous year.  This year as mentioned above I have reduced my spending per month by an additional $42 a month.  A lot of this was acheived by working more pharmacy deals which I didn't start until late October and prescription transfers. 
I also got $148 through rebates (single check rebates from Rite Aid and actual rebates), one survey check and cash back from using my debit card.  That reduces my total for the year down to $1,225.10 bringing my monthly down to just $204.19.
So how are your savings going this year?

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