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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Guest Post: Calling for Discounts

Calling for Discounts

Hi! I'm Jacki and I run Bargain Divas with my sister, Becky. Here is one my favorite ways to save a little dough.
Did you know you can get discounts and deals on services you already subscribe to?
This is one of my favorite ways I have found to save money. Occasionally I call my satellite provider, local phone company, etc. and ask about current deals and promotions. They almost always have something to offer me.
In the past I have gotten free HBO, Showtime, and Cinemax for 3 months, $10 off my monthly bill for a year, and 1/2 off my home phone for 3 months.
Last week I put my plan into action. Our contract was up with our current satellite provider and we weren't sure if we wanted to stick with them or not. So I called to see what they would do to entice me to keep their service. They didn't do a whole lot, but they did offer me 3 free pay per view movies. Something is better than nothing, right?
I also called my local phone company since they seem to occasionally have promotions as well. I was happy to find out that I can get $9.00 off my monthly phone bill without doing a thing! No package changes or upgrades at all. Yay!
Most companies are great to work with and will be happy to give you any promotions they are currently offering just to keep their customers happy. Although sometimes there are no deals to be had. Or the customer service representative is in a bad mood. But it never hurts to ask. Keep in mind that some companies will want you to renew your contract with them to get these deals. Just decide before you call if that is something you are willing to do or not.
My thoughts: Great advice and something new to put in my arsenal.  It never hurts to ask is right.  I have done this many times in person asking for a group discount if a group of us decides to show up at a location or asking to use an expired coupon.  It definitely never hurts to ask!

Thanks Bargain Divas!

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