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Sunday, July 4, 2010

Guest Post: Know Your Prices By Location Courtesy of the Sharp Scissors Lady

The above picture and the below picture are for identical products, but one is priced $.16 less!

Both of these pictures were taken a Meijer locations, and both of these stores are roughly 12 minutes from my house... but it seems that one location is less expensive for me to shop at!

In the grand scheme of saving, $.16 is NOT a great amount of savings! But, when I spend a $.50 coupon, which doubles at all Michigan stores- the above bottle of hot sauce is FREE... and I like FREE!

I'd also say, on average, that I place at least 30 items into my grocery cart each week while shopping at Meijer. If I were to spend an extra $.16 on the items in my cart, I'd be spending an average of an extra $4-5 a week on the exact same items that I could get less expensively by shopping the same store chain, but another location!

Have YOU ever scoped out the prices between identical stores but differing locations?

My thoughts: If you follow national blogs you probably have noticed this phenomenon early on in couponing but you may not have realized it varied so much in such a close proximity.  I have certain locations I prefer because they are close to my job or place of worship that seem to be better quality and better selection and some times that does mean higher prices on certain items.  If I find that I stop dead in my tracks, cross that item off my list and get it elsewhere! What do you do? Thanks The Sharp Scissors Lady!

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