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Friday, July 2, 2010

Guest Post: Stockpiling in Small Spaces Courtesy of Prudent Patron

Last week, we talked about lowering your grocery bill with stockpiling. Stockpiling allows you to get your groceries and household items when they are at their lowest price. However, if you are going to load up on your favorite pasta sauce or shampoo when they are at a rock bottom price you need a place to store it! Some of us are lucky enough to have plenty of room for our stockpile, but I live in a small house without a lot of storage so I've had to get creative. In today's video, I take you around my house and show you three ways that I stockpile in a small space. Check it out!

Ways to Stockpile in a Small Space:

Stacking up to the ceiling
Using the space above the cabinets
Repurposing a space you already have
Hiding your stockpile in common areas:
Above the cabinets, behind the crown molding
Under the couch
Under the bed
In a drawer, that isn't being used.
Do you have an unusual place where you store your stockpile items? Please share it in the comment section so we can keep adding to our list of ideas!
My thoughts:  I love this because this is once again something I'm not that familiar with although I have used some of these techniques I never thought of it this way! My basement is a mess and with my economic situation I don't have a lot of furniture so I did repurpose my linen closet and guest room for my stockpile.  But all and all I have a lot of space and a lot of options.  Because I haven't been married that long I know a lot of couples who also haven't or ones that have but just because of the stat of the economy haven't bought their own home yet like I have and this is a common excuse of why they don't coupon, they absolutely have no room for a stockpile.  So I am glad to come across this information that can help them! Let me know what you think and any other ideas you have! Thanks Prudent Patron!

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