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Friday, July 2, 2010

Guest Post: Meal Swaps - Staying Within Your Budget Courtesy of Spectacular Savings

The meal swap is organized, now what? Pick a recipe and buy the ingredients, right?

Well, not exactly. You still need to stay within your budget. This is something that I'm still working on. Here are some tips to stay within your budget:
*Look through your cupboards and then decide what you're making. Use your stockpile. If you pick a recipe before you check out your stockpile, you may end up needing to buy everything. That is what I did last month....eek!!
*Plan ahead. Because we have a rotation, I know which category I have for each month. I went through and decided on the meal that I would make within each category. I wrote down the ingredients I will need for each and I pick them up as they go on sale.
My thoughts: Great tips of any time  you have to plan a big meal!
Thanks Spectacular Savings!

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