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Friday, July 2, 2010

Guest Post: Printable Coupon Troubleshooting Courtesy of Bargains to Bounty

Do you ever have trouble printing coupons online? It can be a tricky business – and extremely frustrating when there’s a coupon you’d like to use that just WON’T print! I’ve gathered information from various sources that may be of help to you…


Take a look at a sample Bricks link (you’ll know it’s a Bricks link because of the address, along with a screen similar to the one shown above):

Depending on the browser you’re using (Internet Explorer, Firefox or Safari), the code (highlighted in red) will need to be slightly different in order for you to be able to print correctly.

Internet Explorer = wi (vi will also work)
Firefox = wg or vg
Safari (on a PC) = vi
Safari (on a MAC) = xs

Often, if the link isn’t intended for your current search engine, you’ll be asked to install the coupon printer – repeatedly, with no success. If you’re using Firefox to print your Bricks coupon and it’s not working, check the http address. Change the "wi" or "vi" to a "wg" instead (depending on your browser) and you’ll find that your problem is solved! I’ve been able to successfully "fix" the links for many printable coupons with these instructions!

Sweeties Sweeps has a wonderfully clear tutorial (with pictures!) on how to change the http address to Fix Problems Printing Online Coupons and get the Bricks coupons to work for you.

If your coupon is STILL not printing after altering the address, find HELP on the bottom of the original screen. It will take you to a Troubleshooting Guide, which will offer more advice. If you find that you still cannot print the coupon, you can often fill out an online form to request the coupon in the mail. Note that it will take a few weeks to arrive, however.

Ready to test the theory? Here are quite a few Bricks coupons to choose from:
A link you may want to add to your favorites: Bricks Coupon List Scroll down for a LONG list of Bricks coupons!


Many people struggle with printing SmartSource coupons (either from the SmartSource website or a separate link). Even when you can print them successfully, it can take up to 3 minutes for the computer to generate a unique code. Even the most patient of us can tire of the wait!
Here are some things that you can try:

Check that your computer has the latest download version of Java. Often, an updated Java version will help with coupon printing.

You may need to adjust the settings for you internet browser to allow all “Active X” items to “prompt” or “enable” to see the “yellow bar” (advice from Microsoft).

To do this, do the following:
1. In Internet Explorer, click Tools
2. Click Internet Options
3. Click the Security tab
4. Click Custom level
5. Scroll down until you find the following and select what is in the parenthesis:

· Automatic prompting for ActiveX controls (Enable)
· Download signed ActiveX controls (Prompt)
· Run ActiveX controls and plug-ins (Enable)

Now you may need to play with these settings depending on how they got their website setup, but give it a try.
Read up on troubleshooting from the SmartSource website.
My thoughts all new and good information for me! Hope you enjoy! Thanks Bargains to Bounty!

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