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Friday, January 15, 2010

101 Frugal Bloggers courtesy of CESI Debt Solutions

Monroe on a Budget pointed out a very good article which references 101 different articles. It is from CESI Debt Solutions and entitled, “The Best 101 Debt Busting Posts of 2009 (from 101 Frugal Bloggers).”

The categories are as follows:

So Many Ways to Save (23 Posts)
Make More Money (6 Posts)
Debt Busting (14 Posts)
Personal Finance Tools (4 Posts)
Motivation for Busting Debt (14 Posts)
Money and Relationships (6 Posts)
Your Kids and Money (7 Posts)
Emergency Fund (3 Posts)
Eating for Less (8 Posts)
Free is a Good Price (8 Posts)
Death, Money and Recognizing What’s Important (5 Posts)
Taking Frugal Too Far? (3 Posts)

I will definitely be going over several of them to see what I can learn! Check out the full article so you can educate yourself as well here.

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