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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Sparkpeople.com Review by Dietspotlight

I love sparkpeople and frequently post from them but here is a more unbiased review.  Their conclusion was as follows:

SparkPeople.com is an excellent and powerful tool to be used throughout ones weight loss journey. New dieters can become overwhelmed with most diet centers in which they may have to weigh-in in front of other members, or have to pay high monthly fees in a tight economy, as well has having to leave the comfort of their homes and even having to find childcare in many instances to travel to a diet/weight loss center. SparkPeople.com provides all the tools necessary for weight loss such as calorie counters, nutrition counseling, and weight-trackers and food trackers, all from the comfort of your own home. Since SparkPeople.com also provides online blogging and chat rooms, many people will find it helpful that they are not struggling alone with their weight, and may have a better chance at maintaining their weight loss after partnering up with an online “buddy”. Overall, SparkPeople.com is a good online tool and encourages a healthy weight loss regimen and healthy food plans, and that can be easily incorporated into other supplement and exercise program based regimens.

To read all the pros and cons they site check out the whole review here.
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