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Sunday, January 17, 2010

A month’s worth of Savings 31 ways to cut your budget courtesy of All You Magazine online

Day 1: Cut your restaurant tab - (interesting enough it mentions restaurant.com which we have a code out right now for!) Check it out here.

Day 2: Find the cheapest groceries - be sure to go through all the couponing 101 articles to learn how here.

Day 3: Talk for less

Day 4: Learn to love the brown bag

Day 5: Cool down to save cash

Day 6: Swap your ingredients

Day 7: Have fun on a budget

Day 8: Save time and money when shopping online

Day 9: Watch out when you’re buying in bulk

Day 10: Stockpile sale items

Day 11: Find free and low-cost clinics

Day 12: Lower your health insurance costs

Day 13: Get paid to shop - check out ways to do that here
Day 14: Pay less at the pump

Day 15: Reduce home heating costs

Day 16: Go green to save green

Day 17: Check your mortgage

Day 18: Shop from your pantry

Day 19: Take shorter showers

Day 20: Download coupons - check out places to do that here
Day 21: Make your own cleaners

Day 22: Try trading

Day 23: Watch for in-store coupons

Day 24: Organize on the cheap

Day 25: Banish late fees¯forever

Day 26: Make dryer sheets do double duty

Day 27: Spay or neuter your pet for less

Day 28: Have a blast with your kids¯for free

Day 29: Look in stores, borrow for free

Day 30: Update old clothes

Day 31: Check your auto insurance

To see what all these mean and check out the details see the full article here.  All You is a money-saving magazine with health tips available exclusively at Wal-Mart.  It is full of coupons and definitely worth the subscription.  When you go to the site look for the two month free trial subscription.

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